Anjelica Hadsell Update: Text Messages Questioned By Missing Coed’s Mom

The search for missing Virginia coed Anjelica Hadsell is entering its second week — a reality that her loved ones are currently struggling with as they offer what little money they can as a reward for any information leading to her. The Rotunda reports that the reward has grown from $500 to $3,000 in just a matter of days. The report also shares that the mother is still questioning the authenticity of text messages sent by the missing coed before she was reported missing. Could these text messages be a clue behind what happened to her?

AJ’s mother isn’t sharing the finer details surrounding these texts, but says that something seemed off when she was talking to her daughter. She expressed her concerns to the media recently.

“The conversation, in my opinion, was kind of off. I can’t be 100 percent sure I know that was my daughter I was texting. I know how she talks and I know the type of things she says.”

Nobody in the mainstream media is drawing attention to these comments made by Anjelica Hadsell’s mother, but Nancy Grace might. The official Facebook page associated with this case — maintained by the missing woman’s parents — announced on Tuesday that Grace would be addressing AJ’s disappearance on a segment of her show.

Was Anjelica Hadsell abducted? Or is she otherwise the victim of some other type of foul play? These are fears expressed by her loved ones, especially since there is suspicion surrounding whether or not she was in control of her phone during the last known contact with her loved ones. There is also confusion surrounding when she may or may not have last been sighted. Witnesses may have seen her the morning she disappeared — over seven days ago — at the campus of VCU — but police have not been able to confirm this sighting.

What do you think happened to this missing woman? There are no reports indicating that she’d have any reason to disappear without contacting her loved ones, and no reports indicate whether or not she has a boyfriend or lives any type of lifestyle that would explain any abrupt disappearance. Her loved ones are distraught, and the community in which she lives is pulling together by sharing flyers and planning searches for her. Meanwhile, her phone has been turned off and her car is parked in the driveway at her parents’ home. Yet, the police investigating her disappearance say there are no signs of criminal activity.

[Photo: Bring AJ Home Facebook Page]