Thomas Ravenel Announces Split From Kathryn Calhoun: 'Southern Charm' Romance Over

Mary Jane

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel shocked everyone when he announced that he had a child with the much younger Kathryn Calhoun. While the 51-year-old politician was eager to have a child, many were shocked to learn that Thomas decided to have one with the 22-year-old girl. And while the finale of Season 1 showed them being new parents and enjoying life, things have taken a turn since then as Ravenel has made some changes in his love life.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn have made some appearances together since she gave birth, including on Watch What Happens Live. From a distance, the relationship appeared to be working well, as they both wanted a baby. Thomas' father really wanted to be a grandfather, so Ravenel gave that to him. But maybe Calhoun was not a part of the plan.

According to a new Daily Mail report, Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is now revealing that they are no longer together, even though they have often been on-and-off throughout their courtship. Thomas claimed that the age difference was just too much. Instead, they will co-parent separately. Their daughter, Kensington, turns 1 soon.

"Kathryn and I have been on and off for quite a while, but now we are off," Thomas Ravenel has said of his relationship, adding, "I still love her to bits, but we are no longer together. We share a child we both adore and still get along. Our focus is bringing up Kensington. In the end I think the age gap was just too much. Twenty nine years is a big gap and in 10 years time I will be in my sixties but Kathryn would just be out of her twenties. That is a big difference to bridge and it was just not possible. Who knows, one day we might get back together."

But not everything was going as well behind closed doors. According to the Inquisitr, Thomas Ravenel has been accused of assaulting Calhoun's stylist during a shoot, and falling into a pool with 7-month-old Kensington. In addition, Ravenel has been caught kissing another woman in his Instagram pictures, which surely doesn't do him well in the press.

"I did not cheat on Kathryn with another woman. And she has not cheated on me. When that photograph was taken I was no longer with Kathryn. We had gone out separate ways. We were no longer a couple. I do not know if she has seen any other person but she would be perfectly entitled to. What she gets up to his her own business," Thomas Ravenel has revealed of the pictures.

Clearly, this will be an interesting season, as Bravo producers were supposedly at the photo shoot when Ravenel assaulted the stylist. It will also be interesting to see how the couple handles the newborn baby, and the downfall of their relationship.

Are you surprised that Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn are no longer together?

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