Chuck E. Cheese Employees Brutally Attacked By Mob Of Birthday Party Guests [Video]

Employees at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Parma, Ohio were brutally attacked by a mob of angry birthday party guests. The incident occurred Sunday evening and adds to a long list of Chuck E. Cheese based crimes that have been reported across the nation. Previously, the Inquisitr reported on two men smoking heroine in a bathroom stall, along with various other incidents. According to police, the violence that occurred Sunday night was the result of a malfunctioning photo booth machine.

According to an article posted on USA Today, police were notified of the brutal mob attack via 911 at approximately 7:12 p.m. on Sunday night. Patrons of a birthday party complained that a photo booth was not working properly, to which the busy manager replied that the complainer would have to wait for it to be fixed as he walked back into the kitchen. A man that was attending the party followed the manager while threatening to kill him. The manager was not expecting anything more than idle threats, until the man started to attack and was soon joined by other members of the party.

Calls to 911 quickly filtered into the police switchboard from employees in the building, as well as customers.

In all, nearly five men attacked the employees, resulting in serious injuries to two of the managers and lesser injuries to four others. Both managers were taken to the local hospital, according to the Washington Post.

Police released the surveillance video of the incident, hoping to identify the attackers and bring justice to the injured workers. Police Lt. Kevin Riley has classified the attack as being instigated by a mob of individuals and feels that it was unprovoked. Chuck E. Cheese corporate offices are working closely with the Parma police department to supply any help needed to arrest the men that brutally attacked the employees.


Although it is marketed as a children’s restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese has seen plenty of negative references in the news due to fights and other miscreant behavior. Officials from Chuck E. Cheese released a statement sharing that safety is their top priority.

“As a company, the safety of our guests and employees is always a top priority and we will continue to endeavor to the protect the experience families have in our locations so parents are able to trust that their time in Chuck E. Cheese’s will be clean, safe, wholesome family fun.”

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]