Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Mom Caught Singing Racist Slur And Oklahoma Frat House Black Chef Loses Job

Oklahoma University Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity “house mom” Beauton Gilbow, 79, was featured in a Vine video appearing to chant a racist slur. The OU fraternity was ordered closed on Sunday after a video surfaced of SAE member chanting the “N-word” and referencing using lynching to keep black men from ever joining the group.

Beauton Gilbow was recorded singing a Trinidad James song, “All Gold Everything,” at a party and laughed and sang along with racsist slurs, Buzzfeed reports. The video clip is short and it is unknown who recorded the SAE mom singing or if she was singing the entire song or just the portion of the chorus caught on video. During an interview with 9 News, yesterday, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat mom said that she had never witnessed any acts of racism at the Oklahoma University house.

Former OU coach Barry Switzer, who was reportedly a friend of the SAE frat mom, also said during an interview the he did not believe fraternity members were involved in the N-word chants. Coach Switzer feels that the racists slurs were uttered by a few freshmen who did not yet live at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house.

National Sigma Alpha Epsilon officials stated that an internal investigation confirmed that OU SAE chapter members did say the racist chant. The fraternity national leadership also stated that the organization was embarrassed by the unacceptable and racist behavior by Oklahoma University chapter members.

When the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the Oklahoma University campus was ordered closed, both Beauton Gilbow and SAE frat house chef Howard Dixon lost their jobs. Dixon, who is black, said he is afraid that he will never find such a good job again. A fundraising page was created for the SAE chef and has garnered more than $41,921 in pledges so far. The fund drive began on March 8 with the goal of raising $50,000 by April 7.


The IndieGoGo page encouraged people to help Howard Dixon.

“Those of you who lived in the house, undoubtedly came to love Howard and his infectious smile (if not his chili dogs). He was always there to chat with you and more importantly, to take care of Mom B. Well, that man is going to walk up to the SAE house tomorrow morning and hear that he no longer has a job. He is going to learn who has been working for. And through some cruel twist of fate, he has to lose the job that he has held for over a decade. He is going to lose his job because of a bus full of racist kids. You know and I know that this isn’t the house we lived in. I’m positive Howard knows this too. I ask you to give some money to make sure he lands on his feet.”

“I think that was kind of stupid and selfish for them to do something like that,” Howard Dixon said during an interview with CBS. “And knowing this was an organization supposed to be about brotherhood – that wasn’t no brotherhood. There will never be another job like this one again. This was one of a kind. I’ll miss my family.”

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