Student Crashes Elite U.S. Colleges For Four Years Without Paying A Penny Or Getting Caught

A 28-year-old student from Quebec who wanted to make a political statement about the price of higher education in North America allegedly attended lectures across various university campuses, free of charge, for a period of four years!

Guillaume Dumas, who has strongly criticized the higher education system for only allowing those who are financially privileged to enter it, became a wandering scholar, campus hopping while enjoying student life without ever getting caught.

Despite the fact he didn’t receive a degree after four years, due to the fact he was unregistered, Dumas said he learned a lot during his studies and is about to launch an online dating website in Canada.

Dumas told reporters that he first started campus hopping out of boredom, despite the fact his parents never even wanted him to go to college, “My mother got it in her head that I should become a butcher. Her friend’s son was a butcher’s apprentice and he seemed to make good money. My father thought I should become a lumberjack in rural Quebec,” he said.

Having started a trend he liked, Dumas then moved on from McGill university, where he attended lectures and seminars, to other elite universities like Yale, Brown, Berkeley and even Stanford.

While working in coffee shops to support himself, Dumas basically just showed up at whatever class he felt like on any given day. He also wanted to enjoy the social aspects of student life. As he said, “I’m a pretty social guy, so I was invited to parties. People just thought I was another student, so I just sort of went incognito.”

On top of that, Dumas even admitted that it gave him a kind of buzz to frequent America’s most elite universities, seeing how far he could push it without getting caught.

As Dumas added, “I was angry at how university education excludes people who cannot afford it. What happened to the belief that sharing knowledge and great ideas should be free?”

And despite never actually getting a degree, Dumas makes a valid point when he says, “There are so many famous dropouts in the tech world – Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. It seems crazy that even people who plan to become entrepreneurs or developers still obsess about where they will get their degree.”