Paulina Gretzky And A New Baby Are Helping Dustin Johnson Get His Life In Order

Paulina Gretzky and fiance Dustin Johnson have seen plenty of ups and downs in the last several months, but a new baby seems to have put many of those difficulties in the rear view.

Gretzky stood by her pro golfer fiance through his struggles with substance abuse, which led to a six-month suspension from the PGA Tour. reported that Johnson failed three drug tests for cocaine use, but the 30-year-old golfer insisted he wasn’t addicted to cocaine.

Johnson did admit he had personal difficulties, however.

“I did not have a problem. It’s just something I’m not going to get into,” Johnson said. “I have issues. But that’s not the issue.”

But now the couple has welcomed newborn son Tatum, and Dustin Johnson has reached a new high professionally with a win at the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championships held at Trump National Doral, in Miami.

Afterward, Paulina Gretzky said she and Johnson are riding high since Tatum’s birth.

“It’s just unbelievable. Dustin’s the best dad, he’s my best friend. He’s been so supportive with me and we’re just there for each other. I couldn’t be happier for him,” Gretzky said.

Dustin said having a baby has changed his life for the better and helped him put his life into perspective.

“It’s hard to describe, but just from the first day he’s born, your perspective on life completely changes. Things that were important aren’t important anymore. He’s kind of the only thing that’s really important, and being there for him and being a role model for him,” he said after his tournament win.

“It kind of makes life a lot easier I think, just because there’s just one thing that’s kind of all you think about,” he said. “It definitely simplifies stuff.”

Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, has played a big role in helping Johnson get back on track. Johnson said he spends a lot of time at her parents’ house, where he and fiance Paulina have breakfast and dinner most days, and has taken to a simple life to re-focus himself.

“Really simple,” Johnson said in an interview with “That’s what I’ve been working on, really simplifying everything. And her being pregnant makes it that much more easy to simplify things.”

Dustin Johnson hasn’t been the only one changed by the new baby. Paulina Gretzky, once famous for sharing racy and revealing Instagram photos, has now taken a low profile online as she focuses on raising her newborn son.

[Image via paulinagretzky Instagram]