OU Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Racist Chant Cost Black Chef His Job, SAE Alumni Band Together To Support Him

The racist chant by University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity not only caused the chapter to be immediately shut down, but also resulted in one black chef losing his job.

Howard was the chef for the OU SAE chapter. He worked for the fraternity, making legendary chili dogs for 15 years. However, all of that came to a halt on Monday when the chapter was closed due to the racist ramblings of the fraternity’s members. Alumni from the University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter call the actions of the current members disgraceful and are banding together to offer support to the “hard-working” man with an “infectious smile” who spent more time in the SAE house than any other man.

The Daily Mail reports that Howard was the resident chef for the SAE house for 15 years. Alumni of the chapter remember him fondly noting that he has an “infectious smile” and was always there to talk to anyone who needed it. Alumni claim that Howard, a hard-working man, had his position terminated immediately on Monday as the house was vacated.

“He is going to lose his job because of a bus full of racist kids… Because of these kids’ actions, many will be affected. None more so than Howard.”

The closing of the fraternity is the result of a video that showed the Sigma Alpha Epsilon members chanting about the lack of black members in the organization. They included racial slurs and words that alum say is disgraceful. Multiple members can be heard chanting, “There will never be a n***** in SAE” to the tune of If You’re Happy And You Know It.

Alum are disappointed that it only took a “few racist kids” to destroy something that took years to build. In the process, they say a great man lost his job and is now going to have to find new employment to support his family. Therefore, SAE alumni have set up an Indiegogo fundraiser for Chef Howard in an attempt to offer a little support while he seeks new employment.

The fundraiser notes that the fundraiser is “for the guy who has probably spent more hours at 730 College [the address of the fraternity house] than any other man.” The alumni say this “isn’t the house” they lived in. They say they hope Howard knows that as well.

“You know and I know that this isn’t the house we lived in. I’m positive Howard knows this too. I ask you to give some money to make sure he lands on his feet.”

Does the racist chant by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon members at the University of Oklahoma surprise you? What do you think should be done, beyond the fundraiser, for Chef Howard, who will lose his job over the fraternity member’s racism?