Paramedic Selfie Viral: Paramedic Fired For Posting Selfies With Sick Patients On Social Media

There have been many cases where careless social media posts have had life changing effects. Justine Sacco recently shared details about how an insensitive social media post has nearly ruined her life. A Saks Fifth Avenue employee recently made headlines for yet another careless post.

Now, Tatiana Kulikova is the latest person in hot water over social media posts. She reportedly took things a bit further by posting selfies at work. Then, to make matters worse, she included sick patients in her pictures. According to Express, the now ex-paramedic took selfies inside of an ambulance with sick patients. It’s quite obvious the patients were in need of immediate medical attention. However, Tatiana took time to snap photos and voice her frustrations about her job.

In one selfie, she can be seen holding up the middle finger at one patient. The caption reads, “Another moron.” She also shared another picture with the caption, “How I hate my job.” Now, she no longer has that problem. A spokesperson for the city’s ambulatory services released a brief statement about Kulikova’s actions. An investigation has led to Tatiana’s termination from emergency services.

“As soon as we were alerted to these images online we suspended the paramedic in question. After an investigation was carried out, the employee was fired.”

Health advocate Artem Golubev has also released statement about the paramedic selfies. Although it is unclear how the families of these patients will respond, Golubev touched on the possibilities of grounds for legal action.

“It is clear that while she was taking these photographs she was not looking after her patients. She shows a callous disregard for the welfare of her patients, some of whom died after those pictures were taken. I would not be surprised if their families sue both her and the emergency services.”

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[Image via Facebook]