Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Boyfriend Creeping On Twitter: Swoops In To Get Her Back?

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been going through a rough time over the past couple of weeks. Not only did she have a big fight with Nathan Griffith right around Valentine’s Day, but she has also dealt with an arrest and a violent incident, which left Nathan with charges of domestic violence. Clearly, this couple is struggling and could use some help in getting back on track.

And while Jenelle Evans’ personal drama has been playing out in the media, one person has been paying attention. Ever since Jenelle started dating Nathan, she has often talked about how happy she is. Clearly, any ex-boyfriend who tried to contact her would have been shut down quickly. But now that Evans’ relationship is plagued by domestic violence and arrests, someone is trying to swoop back in her good graces.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans isn’t having any of it. This morning, Evans decided to tweet to her followers – and the ex-boyfriend creeper – that there are only three men in her life that she wants to spend time with. One can imagine that two of those are her sons, and Nathan is possibly the third.

“I only have 3 men I’m concerned about in my life,” Jenelle Evans tweeted this morning, adding, “And if u think u r one of them from my past U r highly mistaken.”

According to a report published earlier today by the Inquisitr, Nathan wants to get back together with Jenelle, no matter what it takes. And since Evans has a child with him, one can imagine that this is definitely a possibility. But these two do have some issues to work out. Radar Online revealed that both Nathan and Evans had physical marks on them after their fight, which could mean that neither of them are victims in this case.

So, who could be contacting Jenelle? Evans didn’t go into details in her tweet, but there is a long list of guys who could be contacting her. For one, it could be Kieffer Delp. Jenelle dated him during the first couple of seasons of Teen Mom. And while he did get her into trouble, the two don’t appear to be talking much these days.

Since Gary Head was accused of domestic violence, it is very possible that he is not the one reaching out to her. But Jenelle’s ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, could be the one contacting her. He is currently out of jail, and he has been trying to make peace with Evans. It is very possible he saw his chance when Jenelle shared her relationship troubles on Twitter.

Do you think Jenelle Evans would choose Courtland over Nathan?

[Image via MTV]