WV Mayor Danny Jones Loses It, Twerks In Front Of Children Over Gun Rights [Video]

You read that correctly – there is video and audio of a WV mayor seemingly losing his mind for a bit as he makes lewd comments and twerks in front of children. All this while commenting about what he thinks that pro-constitutional carry advocates do with their guns sexually. Mayor Danny Jones was awaiting preliminary results of the preliminary election when the unfortunate footage was captured by a civilian there to witness the election. He seems agitated, then begins to speak about pro-constitutional gun advocates.

“God knows what gun rights groups [do]. These people look at guns like sex objects. They oil them up and rub them.”

At which time he proceeded to make gyration moves with his hips in what appeared to be a sexual manner. At that point, someone seems to remind him that at least one child is present, in which he quickly regains his composure and asks the child where he or she attends school.

Naturally, many groups are outraged including the West Virginian Citizen’s Defense League, a croup of volunteers who have been most present and vocal during judiciary hearings regarding the bill that they authored, SB 347, which is also called the “constitutional carry” bill, meaning that people who are legally allowed to purchase a gun would be able to conceal their gun without a permit. Many misunderstandings about this bill have circulated, with some rather heated and, at times – odd – testimony taking place on the judiciary floor, including a woman who said she was concerned that WVU students might take to shooting other people if their team loses and this bill passes. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Jones has lost his cool over guns. You can read about that here.

So far, the bill is in good standing, with very small changes to its original form, which include an age restriction on concealed carry from eighteen to 21. Law enforcement showed up en masse for most of the hearing dates, who have stated that they find the bill to be counterproductive to their safety, though the WVCDL point to statistical literature that says otherwise.

Keith Morgan, president of WVCDL, was concerned about the lewd nature of Mayor Jones’s comments.

“The mayor of West Virginia’s capitol city said that. Kind of embarrassing for the state, really.”

As of this writing, there has been no official word from Mayor Danny Jones nor his office on his flagrant display of sexual innuendo. Readers, what do you think about the remarks? Should the Mayor be disciplined for acting like this in an official capacity?

[Photo Courtesy of wvmetronews]

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