Racist Frat Chant: 'There'll Never Be A N****r' In University Of Oklahoma's SAE

Zachary Volkert

Greek life on America's college campuses is often a lightning rod for criticism. Much of that negative reputation stems from psychologically or physically abusive hazing practices, but another key complaint about the institution is the occasional appearance of a racist undercurrent among frat or sorority members.

Such a perception of discrimination was recently amplified when a compromising video of members of the University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter was leaked. While traveling together on a bus to an unspecified event, members of the fraternity can be heard repeating a chant, "There will never be a n****r in SAE." This racial slur is followed by garbled audio that sounds like an allusion to lynching -- "you can hang them all from a tree."

You can watch the video below to decipher the University of Oklahoma students' racist frat chant for yourself.

Although it is unclear how the video made it out of the fraternity, local black student activist group UO Unheard were the ones to post the video, along a tag to University of Oklahoma president David Boren.

— Young OG Moses (@iBChrisMoses) March 9, 2015

— Sigma Alpha Epsilon (@sae1856) March 8, 2015

Outside of the University of Oklahoma campus, social media users are joining together under a hashtag inspired by the frat's video in order to voice their disgust over the leak.

Who do you think should be held responsible for the racist frat chant from University of Oklahoma's SAE?

[Images via YouTube and Bucknell.edu]