‘Bachelor’ 2015 Finale Spoilers: Reality Steve Stands By His Chris Soules Final Rose Scoop

Fans are ready to watch ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 finale Monday night as Chris Soules’ final rose goes to either Whitney Bischoff or Becca Tilley. The build-up has been entertaining, and now viewers are ready to see how it will all end. Will Reality Steve’s spoilers pan out to be correct for Season 19? He says he’s standing by his Bachelor spoilers, though of course he has his doubters.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have said since filming wrapped that Chris Soules’ final rose goes to Whitney Bischoff over Becca Tilley. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers say that Chris and Whitney got engaged in Iowa during the final rose ceremony and remain engaged.

Though there have been plenty of tabloid rumors swirling, Steve sticks by his Bachelor spoilers. Though in some cases, such as with Ali Fedotowsky and Brad Womack’s second seasons, Steve made late-in-the season changes to his spoilers. However, he’s not wavering this time. Will everybody see Chris propose to Whitney Monday night, or will it be a shocker like during Desiree Hartsock’s season, when everybody expected it to be Brooks somehow back as the last man standing?

Steve tweeted with a great deal of confidence as the finale loomed over the weekend. He said as follows.

“24 hrs from the big day & like every season, the conspiracy theories are running wild. Nothing’s changed since what happened on Nov. 22nd. They can fool you w/ their splicing & editing until they’re blue in the face. It can’t change what happened on the final rose ceremony day.”

Mike Fleiss tweeted that Monday would be “truly shocking!!!” Will the three-hour finale manage to live up to the hype? Fans aren’t convinced by Fleiss’ tweet, as this is the kind of chatter that is always drummed up by those behind the show as the finale looms.

Fleiss has already teased that The Bachelorette 2015 lead news will also be shared Monday night, though he claimed on Friday that the choice had not been made yet. The claim that they’re still deciding is certainly hard to believe, considering that there are Bachelorette spoilers out indicating that Kaitlyn Bristowe got the gig. It seems implausible at best to say on a Friday that no firm decision is in place, yet the announcement is confirmed to be made three days later.

Will there indeed be any shockers on Monday night’s finale? There have been plenty of teasers and Bachelor spoilers laying the groundwork for Chris Soules to be facing a tough choice between the hesitant one, Becca Tilley, and the all-in career gal, Whitney Bischoff. Chris has said he’s in love and fans can’t wait to see it all come together during the Monday, March 9, finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season.

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]