Road Rage: Two Parents Struck With Bat While Kids Watch

A man with a serious case of road rage took a bat to two parents’ heads. Unfortunately, their kids watched it all happen. This incident occurred while on Interstate 15, in Wildomar, California.

The road-rager’s name is Gabriel Bowker. In an interesting pun, one could say he was mad enough to “Bowk” the parents with the bat. Gabriel’s actually from the Fontana area, though the crime was committed approximately 50 miles south.

Well, there’s unreported speculation as to whether Gabriel saw the kids in the vehicle or not. However, given his willingness to go back to his car and retrieve the weapon, it may not have matter one way or the other.

To spoil the day even more, the parents were actually out celebrating one of their kids’ birthdays. As reported by Press-Enterprise, the two had just picked up the birthday cake before being chased down and “Bowk”d.

“They arrived to find a man and woman, whose names have not been disclosed, with major head injuries. Their two small children were in their car seats, unharmed.

“CHP officials said the family had been celebrating the second birthday of one child. It had just picked up a birthday cake when the confrontation with Bowker began on the freeway near Murrieta Hot Springs Road.”

That had to have been horrifying for their children to witness at such young ages. What if the kids now have nightmares about Bowker harming their parents? He could potentially be their “Boogeyman” now. There’s a lot to be weighed from such an encounter.

Gabriel Bowker - Road Rager Who Batter Two Parents In Front of Their Kids In Southern California
Credits: Gabriel Bowker | Facebook

Nevertheless, though still young himself, Gabriel Bowker made the “grown-up” decision to turn himself in to police authorities later in the day. Fortunately, Bowker had a $1 million bail amount set, as reported by Press-Enterprise.

“Gabriel Bowker, 20, who is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, pleaded not guilty Thursday at the Southwest Justice Center in French Valley. His wife, Guadalupe Bowker-Cadena, 29, pleaded not guilty to being an accessory to the assault. Her bail was set at $5,000.”

It seems that, once road rage wears off, people tend to come back to their senses. It’s something how emotions can alter your rational thinking during moments of heightened arousal, right? Was it really worth a million dollars to physically attack someone who makes you angry while driving? Weighing Gabriel’s bail and possible sentencing of two counts of attempted murder, it’s possibly not-at-all worth it. Bowker has practically lost many years on his life, as they will be spent behind bars for a while.

Given Gabriel’s road rage incident, can you think of a time when someone made you upset on the road? Hopefully, you didn’t feel like “Bowk”ing them. Feel free to share your thoughts. Spark conversation in the comments below.

[Feature Image via Frank Bellino/Press-Enterprise]