Costa Rica More Accessible To Americans In 2015

Costa Rica has been a hidden gem for tourists and ex-pats throughout the years. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and activities aplenty scattered among its many diverse geographical regions, Costa Rica is making it easier for Americans to visit in 2015, with expanded flight service and a host of familiar American chains opening up shop.

Southwest Airlines announced in late 2014 that it intended to expand its flight operations into several Caribbean locales, as well as into Mexico and Costa Rica. Southwest says it plans to schedule daily flights between Baltimore and San Jose, Costa Rica, before the end of 2015.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica tourists will also have another car rental company to choose from. Enterprise Holdings, representing the largest car rental network in the world, announced on March 6 that it has expanded its service to Costa Rica, and that all Costa Rica locations are now open and operational under the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand.

“The launch of Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Latin America means international travelers and local residents can experience the brand’s renowned customer service and great rates,” said Enterprise’s VP of global franchising, Peter A. Smith.

“Costa Rica, in particular, is an extremely popular tourism destination for our customers, making it a great starting point for extending the Enterprise brand into Latin America.”

Costa Rica, Enterprise

Ice cream lovers may recognize the American Dippin’ Dots franchise when they’re looking to cool-off on their next trip to Costa Rica. The chain opened its first store near San Jose, Costa Rica, in late February and will be offering franchise licensing to local investors. Meanwhile, Dairy Queens have been popping up in Costa Rica since 2013, and the American refrigeration company, Sub Zero, has been making ice cream available throughout Central America and Costa Rica with the opening of its first Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yoghurt in Costa Rica last year.

Costa Rica once again ranked high on International Living’s Retirement Index, coming in at number five for 2015.

“Costa Rica has a lot going for it … it’s a nature-lover’s dream, with green-carpeted mountains, oh-wow volcanoes, and that blue, blue ocean,” the report said.

“It’s got top-quality, affordable health care and is known as one of Latin America’s most peaceful nations (it has enjoyed over 60 years of uninterrupted democratic rule). Costa Rica has a wide variety of inexpensive housing, along with a wealth of every imaginable activity to keep you busy and happy.”

Costa Rica

The Inquisitr previously reported on Costa Rica as an ideal winter get-away with plenty of ways to relax or to indulge in scores of outdoor activities.

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