Mother Burns 3 Daughters Alive To Keep Father From Getting Custody

A mother of four daughters allegedly set three of them on fire while they were still alive. Police say neighbors saw the mother standing and smoking a cigarette while the innocent children cried out with screams of torture and eventually burned to death.

According to Pulse, 35-year-old Thioro Mbow was served papers by her husband, Helmut Ulin’s, attorney demanding custody of the children. However, the mother decided to burn his daughters’ while alive, showing she was not about to give them up to their father.

Belgian media reported Mbow locked her daughters, two-year-old Oumy, four-year-old Abbygail, and six-year-old Madysson, in a woodshed. She lit fire to the woodshed and then called her husband, Helmut, to make him listen to the torturous cries and screams of his daughters as the mother burned the young children to death.

The Voice reported Mr. Ulin said his wife told him the following words over the phone while he was at work.

“Listen to their screams. I can hear their screams but I will do nothing to save them. You’d better hurry but you will be too late to rescue them. They won’t survive.”

Ulin frantically called his sister and pleaded with her to run over to his house to save his daughters since she didn’t live very far away from his home. According to Helmut’s sister, when she arrived she said the mother had burned them alive. The sister found the charred remains of the three girls in the garden.

Ulin’s sister claims Mbow simply said the following.

“Ten minutes of screaming and then it was all over.”

Thioro Mbow, mother burns alive three of her daughters over a custody dispute. (Photo courtesy of Facebook) Allegedly, a mother burns alive three of her daughters over a custody dispute. Photo of murder suspect, Thioro Mbow, (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Helmut, a construction worker, hurried home as fast as he could. However, he was unable to save his daughters from suffering the agony and torture of burning alive. By the time he arrived, his three daughters’ lifeless and burned bodies were all that was left.

Dyarra, Mbow’s 9-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, escaped the ravage; she was in school when the horrific event took place.

When police arrived on the horrifying and ghastly scene in Lennik Belgium, they arrested Thioro Mbow on suspicion of murder.