Car Stolen On First Date: Was This The Worst First Date Of All Time?

Getting your car stolen on a first date is probably the worst dating disaster imaginable, but the plight of one unfortunate New Jersey woman may actually not be the worst first date of all time.

The grand theft auto date took place in Atco, where a woman traveled to a sports bar to meet a man she connected with on OKCupid. The date went well and they agreed to travel back to the woman’s house, but the man instead got hold of the woman’s keys and made off with her 2007 Toyota Solara.

The man who left the woman with a stolen car on her first date is still on the loose. Police said he is a smoker in his 50s, approximately five-foot-nine with a shaved head. He went by the nickname Gooch, but police believe he may also be known by the alias Mike Rossman.

A stolen car seems like a terrible way to end a first date, but it may actually not be the worst first date of all time. In New York City, a first date turned into tragedy when 35-year-old Jennifer Rosoff went to a balcony to smoke a cigarette and accidentally fell 17 stories to her death.

Her date said he was trying to warn Rosoff not to lean on the railing when he heard snapping noises and watched as the railing gave way.

Rosoff was an ad executive in New York, working as director of sales at TripleLift on Fifth Avenue. Afterward, the company said they were devastated by the tragic first date disaster.

“She was a well-loved and highly respected member of our team,” said CEO Eric Berry. “The entire company is distraught by the loss of Ms. Rosoff — she will be deeply missed.”

While Rosoff’s case was tragic, the worst first date story actually comes from Morocco. A 25-year-old French woman named Mina El Houari was on a first date with a man she had just met when she had some kind of medical emergency and keeled over.

The man, who thought that Mina had died, decided to bury the woman in his backyard garden.

It turned out Mina was alive the whole time, and had just gone into a diabetic shock when her blood sugar reached dangerous levels. Police believe the woman then suffocated to death under the soft dirt of the garden.

The New Jersey case actually isn’t the first time a woman had her car stolen on a first date. Back in 2013 in Boynton Beach, Florida, a 19-year-old man met up with a 21-year-old woman after exchanging text messages, but when they met in a Wendy’s parking lot, the man allegedly pulled a gun on his date and demanded her car.

[Image via CBS New York]