Wiz Khalifa Disses Amber Rose in New Song 'For Everybody'

According to Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose is "For Everbody," an unfaithful stripper rising to the top by sleeping with rich men. Khalifa's diss record was reportedly fueled by the ongoing custody battle, which Wiz initiated with claims that Amber Rose's home was not safe for their son Sebastian.

Recently, Wiz Khalifa made claims that Amber's home was filthy, and not a proper environment for a toddler. TMZ originally broke the story along with photographs of Amber's patio, which contain piles of untended dog feces. with the photos a close friend of Wiz Khalifa's, who made accusations that Amber Rose's dog eats his own feces and then proceeds to lick that faces the child's face. Such accusations were denied by Amber and were only the beginning of Wiz Khalifa's ongoing trash Amber campaign.

The rapper later took to Twitter to fuel rumors that Amber Rose had butt fat injections. The now deleted tweet went viral and was quickly followed up with a hashtag tweet, which failed to trend at all. The first tweet read "natural a** please," and was backed up with #aslongasitjiggles.

The grapevine had been whispering about Amber's seemingly perfect backside for years until recently, when someone actually made a claim that she herself performed Amber butt injection procedure. Rapper, Padge-Victoria Windslow is currently on trial for heading an illegal surgical procedure business. Her cliental reportedly includes many music industry wives and according to Padge-Victoria, Amber rose is one of them.

Apparently, fake butts are just dirty in the world of hip hop, as both of Amber's ex's have referred to her as dirty recently. Kanye West recently stated his need to "take 30 showers," before he could sleep with his current wife and Wiz Khalifa is now calling Amber a "thot." His new song "For Everybody," has many suggestive lyrics that are recognizable disses to Amber Rose.

"Man, I fell in love with a stripper, funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker."
Unlike Amber's series of tweets when Kanye dissed her on "The Breakfast Club" radio show, Amber does not get emotional with Wiz in her response tweet.

Wiz Khalifa is still fighting for more quality time with his son, Sebastian, as the court custody battle is still ongoing. Meanwhile, photos have surfaced on the web of Wiz partying with lots of women and Amber continues to post half-naked selfies. So who get's the kid? Wiz Khalifa or Amber Rose?

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GQ]