Marshawn Lynch Contract Extension: Did Seahawks Make The Wrong Move?

Much to the delight of Seahawks fans everywhere, Marshawn Lynch will be bringing “Beast Mode” back to Seattle for the next three years. But considering the recent trend of decline amongst running backs the closer they get to age 30, did Seattle make a costly mistake?

Bleacher Report doesn’t think so. “While some might be shaking their heads at the deal, Lynch is the exception to the proverbial rule [of running back decline], making the Seahawks’ decision to keep Beast Mode around a wise one.”

The article sites Lynch’s impressive stats to date as the justification for the Lynch extension.

“To say that Lynch has been a key part of Seattle’s climb to the top of the NFC would be an understatement. In each of the past four seasons, Lynch has carried the ball at least 280 times for at least 1,200 yards and double-digit touchdowns.”

And while it’s impossible to argue against Marshawn’s career numbers to date, it’s also an inescapable fact that his stats will only decrease with age. LaDainian Tomlinson for example, put up Hall of Fame caliber numbers between the ages of 21-28, according to NFL. But immediately following his 29th birthday his stats eventually declined to the point that he retired just two years later from the league.

This disturbing trend is surely the reasoning behind the recent trade involving the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills involving superstar running back LeSean McCoy. As reported by Inquistr, the deal for the 27 year-old was met with shock and skepticism across the league. But a closer look sees that LeSean McCoy, who will turn 27 years-old this year, is approaching that dangerous age where his production might start to decline anyway. It’s also the most likely factor behind the Dallas Cowboys’ reluctance to re-sign DeMarco Murray, 28, despite his stellar season.

And finally, the one factor that could work against re-signing Marshawn Lynch is Marshawn Lynch himself. As Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon told 950 KJR in Seattle as reported by Sports Illustrated, Lynch’s personality could end up disrupting the team.

“He has been difficult in the past,” Moon said. “That’s been documented. They’ve had their problems with Marshawn as far as how to manage him because he’s a little different than everybody else.”

Lynch’s well documented Super Bowl Media Day fiasco cast the Seattle running back in a controversial light and could be a portent of things to come.

What do you think? Did Seattle make the right move re-signing Marshawn Lynch?

[Photo credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images]