June 29, 2017
International Cricketer Sent Divorce Text To His Wife Instead Of His Lawyer By Mistake

International Cricketer Graeme Smith made a huge error recently when he accidentally sent a text message to his wife instead of his lawyers.

That would be bad enough, but the fact that the content of the text message was informing his lawyers that he wanted a divorce, despite telling his wife Morgan Deane Smith that he was "keen to make their marriage work," made matters a whole lot worse.

The bomb text has shocked many South African and Somerset cricket fans, who can't believe their cricket hero made such a fundamental error.

As an unnamed friend told reporters, "He is only interested in going out with his friends and partying. He is obsessed with the limelight and would go to the opening of an envelope. He finds her boring and thinks she is a nag when she asks him to spend time with his family."

Reports also confirmed that the mistaken text was made worse by the fact that the couple were in marriage counselling and were really trying to "make a go of things."

The anonymous friend explained to The Sunday Times.

"She does everything for her children not to see her cry, but she just can't believe how he has treated her. He has watched her go through this alone. The man has completely isolated her. Her whole life was his life, his friends were her friends, and she has just been left on her own with the kids. She has become reclusive in their home - only going to the gym and to take the kids out."
Once the proverbial cat was out the bag, Smith moved fast in arranging the divorce papers, leading his wife to suspect he may have met another woman, "She has been thinking about this, because the divorce came so quickly. She doesn't know for sure if there is another woman, but if there is, she will have a lot to say to her," the friend alleged.

After meeting Smith in Cape Town, the Irish singer moved to South Africa for him, abandoning her career and family and uprooting herself in order to be with her new husband.

Unfortunately, according to the friend, the strain of moving half way around the world and then giving birth left Morgan in a difficult situation, as he husband toured South Africa, leaving her alone with the kids.

The friend continued, "She is the one who has been raising those children for the past two years. He has had a million jobs. She is a stay-at-home mother. From Monday to Friday she doesn't even leave the house. She doesn't go anywhere, she doesn't have a fancy lifestyle, she doesn't go to social events."

Just last night, Smith's agent, Kirsti Lyall, issued a statement from the couple, claiming, "our marriage has broken down purely due to irreconcilable differences."