Adult Video Shot At Pyramids: Egyptian Officials Angered — But Some May Have Secretly Known

An adult video shot by what appears to be a Russian couple at the Egyptian pyramids is causing outrage in Egypt — and even accusations that some Egyptian officials must have known about the filming of the explicit online video, but looked the other way.

“The film was shot in broad daylight and with the knowledge of the officials in charge of the area,” said Osama Karar, coordinator of a group called the Popular Front to Defend Antiquities in Egypt that advocates for the preservation of the pyramids, Sphinx, and other ancient Egyptian artifacts. “Where was security during this incident? There is supposed to be an engineering unit inside the pyramids, responsible for watching over the site.”

According to Egypt historian Bassam al-Shamaa, some scenes in the video were shot in areas that are supposed to be off-limits to tourists.

The video has reportedly been online for about nine months, appearing on three different pornographic video sites, including one called Porn Traveling, where the couple has apparently posted earlier videos of public sexual acts.

The revelation of the video comes just a few weeks after an American woman, Kendra Sunderland, was arrested for filming an adult video in a college library.

In the video, a young woman, whose name is given only as “Aurita” and is said to be 23-years-old, drives around the pyramids with a male companion, declaring how bored she is with the ancient marvels.

“This f*****g sucks. What is there to look at?” she says in Russian with English subtitles in the video. “It really sucks, even our resorts are better.”

Her male companion declares, “”I wish they would be f*****g destroyed.”

The 10-minute video reportedly cuts to several different locations and shows the woman exposing her breasts while declaring, “My t**s and the pyramids!” At one point, she flashes her unclad chest while in the midst of a crowd of tourists.

The video then graphically depicts the couple performing a variety of sex acts at a location described as just a few yards away from the one of the pyramids.

When the video first came to light, the Egyptian government tried to brush it off as a fake that was not actually filmed at the pyramids. But later, the government was forced to admit that the adult video was indeed filmed at the pyramids and the Sphinx. They have now opened an investigation into how the explicit filming was allowed to take place.

But Karar, of the Popular Front to Defend Antiquities in Egypt, says he already knows.

“Government officials are seeking profit with total disregard to Egypt’s reputation,” he said.

The Russian news outlet Russia Today identified “Aurita” as Sasha Oranskaya, a pornographic actress from the city of Sevastopol, who had earlier been convicted and handed a five-year suspended sentence for shooting an adult video in an ancient Crimean city considered a World Heritage site. She and her male partner claimed to use the money from that video to finance their trip to Egypt, where they apparently filmed an adult video at the pyramids.

[Image: Video Screen Grab]