Jay Cutler To Join Brandon Marshall On The NY Jets?

The Brandon Marshall trade was a no-brainer for the New York Jets, who instantly bolstered their wide receiving corps with a stud veteran who’s considered a true number one threat. Now the only question left is who will be throwing Marshall the ball? Will it be Geno Smith? Or could a possible reunion with former teammate Jay Cutler be in the works?

According to ESPN, the answer to the Jay Cutler question is a big fat no, even though it is worth asking.

“It’s a natural question, considering Marshall and Cutler spent three seasons together with the Chicago Bears and another three together with the Denver Broncos before that,” Jets blogger Rich Cmini writes. “Cutler also still hasn’t received a public vote of confidence from the Bears’ new regime. There have been rumblings about a possible trade, but know this: Marshall’s soon-to-be former quarterback won’t be coming to the Jets. They have no interest in trading for the diva QB.”

Cmini also cites the “deteriorated relationship” that developed between Cutler and Marshall last season, after Jay failed to visit Brandon in the hospital following a gruesome lung and rib injury suffered towards the end of the regular season.

So if it’s not Cutler, will Geno be back under center despite a tumultuous sophomore campaign? According to the NY Daily News, the answer could come via the free agent market, even though the pickings are slim. With Josh McCown signed in Cleveland, former Browns Quarterback Brian Hoyer seems like a logical fit.

“Hoyer, 29, looked a lot better once the Browns allowed Johnny Manziel to play. The truth is that Hoyer isn’t a very good quarterback, but still could end up being a better option than Smith.”

Another option could be current Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who might end up a cap casualty in Houston. If he becomes available, Fitzpatrick could be exactly what the Jets are looking for to pair up with Brandon Marshall.

“Fitzpatrick is the more intriguing option for the Jets. He played more and better in 2014 (95.3 quarterback rating in 12 starts) than Mallett (67.6 in two starts). And because the Jets are looking for a short-term solution, Fitzpatrick’s age (32) shouldn’t be a big factor.”

Whoever the Jets bring in to run the offense, however, will have to stay on their toes when it comes to Brandon Marshall. The Pro Bowl receiver arrives in New York with major red flags that have plagued him throughout his career. In fact, aside from a number of off-the-field claims, Marshall’s most recent skirmish inside the Bears locker room is ultimately what made him expendable, according to a report by Inquistr.

[Photo credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]