Chris Brown Won’t Let Kae Have A Clean Breakup — Wants ‘Face Time’ With Angry Ex

Chris Brown is currently on tour while he’s dealing with all the drama surrounding the paternity of his love child. Included in that drama is the public breakup of his relationship with on-off girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who says she’s finally had enough of the chaos constantly surrounding the “Loyal” singer. Hollywood Life reports that Kae is trying to get Brown to let her get her stuff from his house — you know, the customary “moving out” that happens when two long term lovers end their relationship. There’s no doubt that she has a lot of clothing and other effects at his house, and she just wants to get it and make this a clean break.

An insider reportedly close to the separated couple says that Karrueche isn’t interested in talking to Chris, but he won’t let her break it off that easily. Since she hasn’t been answering his phone calls, he apparently wants her to wait until he’s back before she “moves out” of his place.

“Karrueche is trying to get her stuff from Chris’s house but he doesn’t want to do that till he’s back from the tour later this month so they can meet face to face.”

Kae reportedly wanted to have children with Brown, and had even publicly declared her wish to marry him in the future. The inside source that talked to Hollywood Life says that she has been left feeling “broken and alone” in wake of this baby bombshell.

Fans of Chris Brown haven’t been necessarily supportive of Tran’s decision to leave him, but it can also be said that some of his fans have never even supported them being together, so the name calling persists on Twitter, along with those making fun of her for this sad situation.

If you ever feel like a side chick look at Karate tran and you won’t feel sorry for yourself anymore
— Dee (@DeejayFofana) March 4, 2015

Nonetheless, she still has supporters, and countless people on social media that want her to reach for better than Chris Brown, who is only trying to desperately keep her with him even though he kept this kind of devastating secret from her. The Daily Mail reports that this secret was kept from everyone, including the man who was married to the mother of his child when baby Royalty was conceived. The mother of Brown’s daughter has a 13-year-old daughter with her ex-husband, who says that he knew that the baby wasn’t his, but had no idea that the baby was fathered by Chris Brown, until the big secret dropped of course.

It certainly looks like Brown just got himself involved in a mixed family situation, and perhaps Karrueche Tran is wise to have gotten out of it before she ended up pregnant as well. Keep in mind that Brown bragged just a couple of weeks ago that he’d liked to have gotten both Tran and Rihanna pregnant at the same time.

[Photo: The Hollywood Gossip/Karrueche seen partying with mother of Brown’s child]