Palestinian Factions Reportedly Smuggling Rockets Via Tunnels Into Gaza

Following some serious damage to their infrastructure, not to mention hundreds of casualties, the terrorists of Gaza are back, reportedly smuggling rockets and mortars in preparation for another round of war against Israel.

Hamas, as well as other factions, seems not to have learned its lesson, despite having received a pounding over the summer from the Jewish State in response to thousands of short and long-range rockets fired by the Palestinians.

However, ignoriing the Israeli successes of that conflict, various groups are busy smuggling rockets for the next round of war.

As one terrorist commander, Abu al-Bara, told reporters, “We’re at our highest level of alert to counter any attack. We’re used to the occupation (Israel) breaking its ceasefires. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. We’re gathering all our strength since it’s a war that never ends. We’re ready to go to another level against the Zionist occupation and carry out actions we’ve never done before.”

That being said, such comments are considered as nothing more than rhetoric by most in Israel and America, who know that Hamas and other factions are too scared to strike up another conflict, for now, with the far more powerful state of Israel.

Spokesman for the IDF, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner, told reporters about the Palestinian smuggling tunnels.

“Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have openly declared that they are rebuilding tunnels and testing rockets and other things like that. They’ve been siphoning off from the civilians of Gaza forever,” he said.

The people of Gaza need to decide if they want war or peace with Israel, as their lives are so limited both by their narrow borders and the iron Islamic fist with which they are ruled by Hamas.

Should Hamas and others decide to use their newly smuggled weapons, there’s little doubt the Jewish state will be ready and waiting for another conflict.