‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: What Happens In The First Three Episodes

The Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones isn’t scheduled until April, but the titles of the first four episodes and plot synopses of the first three have been released to give Game of Thrones fans something to keep them talking until April.

Spoiler TV released details Saturday on their site, and the Season 5 Game of Thrones episode synopses are as follows:

Episode 5.1, “The Wars to Come”

The Game of Thrones synopsis for this episode says Cersei and Jaime cope with the loss of their father, Tywin. Although no details about suspicions over Tyrion’s escape are addressed in the synopsis, Cersei is bound to have suspicions about Jaime’s assistance, so this should be a tense situation while Cersei assesses Jaime’s loyalty. Meanwhile, Tyrion’s companion, Varys, reveals a conspiracy to the Lannister outcast, Jon Snow finds himself in the middle of two kings, and Dany will face more challenges to her rule in this Game of Thrones season premiere.

Episode 5.2, “The House of Black and White”

Cersei now worries about her daughter’s safety in Dorne after Oberyn’s death while acting as Tyrion’s champion last season on Game of Thrones. Her worries are well-founded as Ellaria Sand is bent on revenge for his death. Speaking of revenge, Arya lands in Braavos. Temptations abound for Dany from an adviser, and for Jon Snow from Stannis. The daunting Amazon knight Brienne and Pod find trouble in their travels.

Episode 5.3, “High Sparrow”

While the Game of Thrones synopsis doesn’t spell out the arrival of Jonathan Pryce’s character of the same name, it seems likely he’ll be introduced this episode. Queen Margaery fares better this time around in marriage it seems as the synopsis says she “enjoys her new husband,” so everyone seems to survive the wedding, or at least the wedding party makes it through. Arya sees the Many-Faced God while in Braavos, and odd couple Tyrion and Varys walk the Long Bridge of Volantis.

Episode 5.4, “The Sons of the Harpy”

No description has been released yet for this Game of Thrones episode.

While waiting for Season 5, Game of Thrones has treated fans to an IMAX showing in January, and a special featurette on HBO last month to help fans weather the long wait until April.

One last reward is in the works for fans of Game of Thrones, who shattered ratings records for the last season premiere. HBO’s standalone streaming service will be available just in time for the return of Game of Thrones, according to Geek.

The premiere episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 airs Sunday, April 12 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

[Photo courtesy of HBO]