‘The Walking Dead’: Forget Finale, Who Dies This Week?

While rumors have been circulating about deaths in the season finale of The Walking Dead, many fan groups are starting to buzz with a rumor we’re going to have another death this week, on “Forget.” What gives this death rumor credibility is the recent announcement that one cast member of The Walking Dead has signed on to another TV show, just like what happened before Tyreese (Chad Coleman) was killed on The Walking Dead.

Is history repeating itself this Sunday? And if it does, can someone please explain to other networks it’s not cool to announce a cast member until after that character is killed off their current show? The Walking Dead spoilers follow.

Syfy announced that Chad Coleman was joining its new series, The Expanse, back in November. Then his Walking Dead character, Tyreese, was killed in the third episode after the mid-season premiere last month.

Now Entertainment Weekly has announced that Tyler James Williams, who plays Noah on The Walking Dead, will join the cast of a new Criminal Minds spinoff. Some actors successfully juggle two series, but that is pretty compelling evidence Noah is not long for The Walking Dead world.

If some fans aren’t convinced by that announcement, note that the guests this week for Talking Dead include Kevin Smith, Ross Marquand, and the infamous “surprise The Walking Dead cast member.” Fans know what that almost always means.

Speculation about deaths on The Walking Dead occurs every season, but with two major character deaths in the first three episodes since the mid-season finale, and Norman Reedus warning fans they are going to need plenty of tissues for the season finale, Walking Dead fan sites have been buzzing with “who dies next” posts.

The first rumored death this season was Glenn (Steven Yeun), as some sources allegedly leaked that his death scene had been filmed last year, and he dies in the Walking Dead comic books about now. So far Glenn is hanging on, but the theme tying The Walking Dead Alexandria episodes together may spell trouble for Glenn in the finale. Or, it could mean trouble for Rick, as well.

Fans wondered if Tyreese might die as he was joining another show, which proved correct. Many Walking Dead fans claim that Maggie, Carol, or Sasha will die this season. In other words, creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple have done an excellent job confusing fans of The Walking Dead this season.

However, between the new series for Williams and the Talking Dead mystery guest, it does appear likely someone is going to die this week on The Walking Dead, and it’s most likely Noah. What do you think?

[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]