Police Halt Train To Rescue Pit Bull Puppy Shot And Tied To Railroad Tracks [Video]

Being a pit bull is not a crime. The breed has a bad reputation, and in many cases rightly so, as pit bulls are notorious for snapping and injuring people, especially children. However, it is not okay to abuse an animal simply because it was born a certain breed. Crimes against pit bulls and pit bull mixes seem to be growing at an alarming rate.

On March 4, the Tampa Police Department received several calls reporting gun shots in the Sulphur Springs area. In a report by Bay News 9, responding officers encountered a horrific scene of a battered and bleeding pit bull puppy tied to railroad tracks with a belt. Two of the officers worked to free her from the tracks, finding that she had been shot three times, twice in the neck, and once above the right shoulder. Amazingly, the pit bull female, named Cabela by police, was still alive. Once freed, she was rushed to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Center.

According to CNN, Dr. Jamie Davidson is optimistic about Cabela’s future. After everything she endured, the pit bull puppy welcomes the help she is receiving, and doesn’t appear to be distrustful or angry at humans.

“Dogs rebound quick. Really, after everything that this dog has gone through… she’s the sweetest. I mean she’s not angry with people. She’s not growling. She’s been really really good.”

Doctors expect Cabela to make a full recovery, and though the pit bull mix risked losing her right front leg, doctors were able to save it. Police have launched a full investigation and are determined to find the responsible party. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is offering a reward of $2,500 for information on the case. To report, call 813-231-6130. Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay has also offered a reward of up to $3,000 dollars. Call 800-873-TIPS to contribute info on this horrifying pit bull abuse.

Once Cabela’s recovery is complete, the pit bull puppy will be vaccinated, spayed, and adopted out to a loving family. What are your thoughts on the abuse of the pit bull breed? Are they dangerous by nature, or just like other dogs, should pit bulls be judged on a case by case basis?

[Image via CNN/ Tampa Police Department]