Blizzard sends out 100,000 Diablo III beta invites

If you have yet to get into the Diablo III beta after all of this time, you may want to check your email. Blizzard sent out a massive wave of invites, about 100,000, in North America.

Even if you don’t see an email from Blizzard in your inbox, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and log into to see of the Diablo III closed beta was added to your account. Also, Blizzard says it plans out to send out even more invites “soon”, so you’ll have even more chances to get in moving forward if you missed out on this wave.

Blizzard warns to be careful not to fall victim of a phishing scam, however. With such a massive wave of invites being sent out, scammers will undoubtedly be out in full force, so avoid entering your password on any site that isn’t

Blizzard still isn’t willing to say just when Diablo III is set to release, but the developer said late last year that the game should release at some point in early 2012. Hopefully that’s still the case.