Giuliana Rancic Slams Skinny Shamers, Addresses 'Too Thin' Comments

Giuliana Rancic is slamming the skinny shamers who have been calling her "too thin." The E! News host has been slammed for looking scary skinny on the red carpet during awards season. Giuliana isn't taking kindly to the cruel comments. In fact, she said that she's "sick of being bullied," according to Naughty Gossip.

Rancic recently sat down for an exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly. She spoke to the weekly tabloid about the critics who slammed her for looking "too thin" at several of her red carpet appearances. Rancic also spoke candidly about her hopes of having one more child with husband Bill Rancic.

"I read a comment on some article, 'She doesn't want to carry a baby … because she doesn't want to get fat.' I'm like, how disgusting is that? How about I'm on medication that prevents me? It's just awful."

Giuliana doesn't want to fight back against skinny shamers, though. She admitted that she feels some empathy towards the anonymous users who constantly comment about her weight.

"I actually feel bad for that person. You logged into your account and sat down just to say something nasty? That's a problem — yours, not mine."
Rancic says that she's sick of hearing about the constant comments about her thin appearance. She is currently on medication for breast cancer. Rancic has been very vocal about her ongoing battle.

It was during an 2011 interview with Today that Giuliana revealed that she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Her doctor requested a mammogram, which is how she found out. Giuliana announced that she would receive treatment via a lumpectomy, followed by radiation. She underwent surgery during October of 2011 and returned to E! News a week later. Two months later in December of 2011, Giuliana announced that she had to undergo a double mastectomy.

That hasn't stopped people from speculating about Rancic's sudden thin appearance. She allegedly started the rumors when she shared her lifestyle and dieting tips on her blog, which was eventually removed. The diet included the details of Rancic being allergic to butter and oil, and not ordering anything at a restaurant because most meals contain fat. Rancic also admitted that she has other people order off the menu, so she can eat a few bits and pass the meal around the table. That way, she won't have to worry about any of the food getting back to her.

Giuliana also revealed that she loves doing cardio workouts for several hours each day, and that she drinks Kombucha shakes to suppress her appetite. Giuliana also candidly admitted in interviews that she feels the pressures to stay thin like the actresses in Hollywood.

Rancic reportedly broke down when her doctor asked her to gain 10 pounds out of the 20 pounds she was recommended in order to get pregnant. This allegedly happened on her reality show, titled Giuliana and Bill, before she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"He said 5-10 pounds, which I know isn't a big deal and if you want to have a baby you should do whatever it takes. I had to bite that bullet. You have to understand something. I work out everyday of my life, I love feeling good, waking up, working out. I finally did gain the 5 pounds. We're working on more."
Giuliana said on The View that she even though she gained seven pounds, she still wasn't able to get pregnant.
"I'm in healthier, better shape than most women getting pregnant. The doctor told me, 'Gain five pounds.' I gained seven. I didn't get pregnant. And I got mad at the doctor. I did everything he wanted me to do."
Giuliana's thin appearance, eye-raising diet, and remarks about staying thin is enough for people to raise some concern. What do you think of Giuliana Rancic's remarks about the skinny shamers? Do you think people should back off?

[Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]