Luke Wilson Suing Ex-Assistant For Identity Fraud

Luke Wilson is suing his ex-assistant for identity fraud. It’s been revealed that Wilson’s ex-assistant made $90,000 purchases that were unauthorized by the actor. Additionally he robbed the actor of $75,000 in personal property. The assistant, Charles “Charley” Lodi, is accused of stealing the actor’s credit cards to make these purchases.

According to E! Lodi was fired in 2014 when Luke Wilson found out about the alleged identity fraud and the missing money from his account. As his personal assistant, Lodi was in charge of making travel arrangements for the actor, making purchases on the actor’s behalf, and personal errands.

It’s stated that Wilson gave Charley the authorization to sign on his personal credit card, but the $75,000 that went missing on other charges was not authorized by the actor. Additionally, his personal assistant lived with Luke for free and was “rewarded with compensation” during his time with the actor.

In the complaint, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, it states, “Wilson trusted Mr. Lodi as his friend, and believed Mr. Lodi had his best interest at heart.”

Lodi had been working for Luke Wilson since 2011, and had been on the set of The Skeleton Twins, and Dear Eleanor during his time with the actor. It’s not said when Wilson noticed that funds were going missing from his account.

In the lawsuit, it states that Lodi, “violated Mr. Wilson’s right of privacy by appropriating Mr. Wilson’s name, posing as Mr. Wilson and/or signing Mr. Wilson’s signature in connection with Defendant’s unauthorized purchases on Mr. Wilson’s personal credit cards on which [Lodi] was not an authorized signatory and/or on Mr. Wilson’s online merchant accounts.”

Lodi bought hotel suites, vacation home rentals, first-class flights, RV and car rentals, wedding expenses, golf and ski equipment, and electronics.

The claim against Lodi continues, “Though some of these charges were made on the Visa card, Defendant made purchases on other credit cards that were only in Mr. Wilson’s name, in some cases posing as Mr. Wilson and signing his name without his authorization or purchasing unauthorized items online.”

Additionally, Luke Wilson says that his former personal assistant stole electronics, sporting goods that belonged to Luke Wilson, and that he, “pretended to be Mr. Wilson’s friend, lived rent-free in housing provided by Mr. Wilson and allowed Mr. Wilson to wine and dine him at four-star restaurants on a regular basis.”

Lodi has only paid $15,000 of the $75,000 that he currently owes back to Luke.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images]