Fraternity Suspended After Harassing Neighbor, Stated ‘They Pay Rent And Can Do What They Want’ [Video]

A fraternity in Texas has been placed on an indefinite suspension after evidence was presented to the university, proving the residents were responsible for elevated noise, harassment, and property damage to a neighboring house.

Students in the fraternity made a habit of terrorizing the neighbor in various ways. As a result, the neighbors installed security cameras, hoping to catch the students in the act. Video showed the students throwing items into the neighbors yard, writing messages in the snow, and more. The fraternity members may have thought it was all fun and games, but the university thought otherwise, resulting in the indefinite suspension.

Students belonging to the Sigma Chi fraternity at the Southern Methodist University in Texas have been informed by the national chapter of Sigma Chi that the SMU chapter has been suspended indefinitely as a result of their lack of civility toward a neighboring home. The fraternity spent months harassing the neighbors, on a daily basis, for a reason that has not yet been revealed.

According to Good Morning America, the frat members focused their rude behavior on Tim O’Connell’s home. His house was constantly the target of loud noise from the fraternity, with students urinating on his lawn and using freshly fallen snow to share their disdain for him by writing obscenities. Video even caught the students throwing raw meat into his yard.

O’Connell approached the fraternity, asking them to stop, but he was met with a lack of respect for his space, as one member stated that they could do whatever they want.

“They told me they pay rent and they can do whatever they want.”

O’Connell installed the cameras around his home, hoping to catch the fraternity members in the act or deter them from doing any more damage. When the disrespectful behavior continued, O’Connell presented the video to the college, who in turn reported the behavior to the Sigma Chi National chapter. The national chapter responded that they do not condone the behavior, according to ABC News.

“We do not condone or endorse the actions we have been made aware of.”

Shortly after, the national chapter revoked the fraternity of its membership and suspended the SMU chapter indefinitely.

Representatives from Southern Methodist University are investigating the incidents and questioning other neighbors to determine if they were also victims of the immature behaviors. At this time, none of the other neighbors have shared their experiences with the public.

[Photo Courtesy: ABC News]