‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Pregnancy Written In And A Season 3 Character Returning

There’s going to be at least one more baby in the BAU family on Criminal Minds, and it’s going to have quite the impact on the agent’s life at home. However, that’s not all that character will have to deal with in the remaining episodes of the season. Plus, someone from season 3 will be back in episode 18.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kate’s niece, Meg, whom she and her husband, Chris (Greg Grunberg), are raising, told them that she and her friend were going to meet boys at the mall. However, as that Criminal Minds episode, “Scream,” showed, that was a lie.

Earlier in the season, Meg and her friend had connected with a “BeachBod24” online, and unbeknownst to them, he looks nothing at all like the photo he sent them. The season premiere had introduced the world of online predators, and Meg and her friend were very close to being victims if it hadn’t been for Chris. Chris just so happened to be shopping for a gift for Kate as he told the girls when he showed up to see these friends of theirs, and “BeachBod24” left instead of sticking around, even bumping into Chris on his way back to his creepy van. He then messaged Meg that he wasn’t coming because of her babysitter.

Is Meg’s life going to be in danger again? She may have lucked out that time, even though Chris doesn’t even know what he saved her from, but the predator’s not just going to give up, right? Based on the tease from executive producer Erica Messer on TVGuide.com, “BeachBod24” will probably be back.

“All of that is by design. We might hit it again before the finale.”

But first, Meg’s going to have to deal with finding out that Kate and Greg are having a baby as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy is being written in, and Messer has shared what to expect when that happens in the Criminal Minds episode airing March 11.

“She’s been acting out a little bit, and we reveal…it’s because Kate is gonna have a baby. The fact that she and Chris decide to have a baby rocks Meg a little bit. Even though she’s been raised by amazing people, there’s an underlying abandonment since her parents were killed when she was very young. She’s trying to deal with that and being 13 and navigate the world and see her place in it.”

In a best-case scenario, Kate and Meg would talk about everything, and Meg would forget about meeting the boy she met online. Considering what show this is, the likelihood of that happening is pretty low.

Also coming up in this next episode, the team travels to Wisconsin for what Garcia calls a “sex game gone bad” in the “Breath Play” promo below.

A.J. Cook is also expecting as the actress revealed with a photo on Instagram, but it hasn’t yet been revealed if her pregnancy will be written in again. (Her first pregnancy was.) Will Henry get a brother or a sister?

In other news, TVLine has reported that CSI‘s Marc Vann is returning in this season’s 18th episode, “Rock Creek Park.” He first appeared in “Penelope” in season 3, and back then, his character, FBI Agent Adam Fuchs, was in Internal Affairs. This time, he’s in the Organized Crime Division. This Criminal Minds episode, airing March 25, will see the BAU investigating an up-and-coming congressman’s political enemies as possible suspects in his wife’s disappearance.

Criminal Minds season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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