Harrison Ford Plane Crash: First Doctor On Scene Was Afraid Plane Would Explode

The first doctor on the scene of Harrison Ford’s plane crash in Los Angeles on Thursday admitted that he was afraid the actor’s plane was going to explode when he came across it.

Sanjay Khurana, who works as a spine surgeon, discussed his efforts to assist the stricken thespian with CBS2 Los Angeles, via Gossip Cop. Luckily for Ford, who is expected to make a full recovery following his brush with death, Khurana was actually playing golf at the Penmar course when the incident unfolded.

Khurana was on the seventh hole when he saw Ford’s vintage World War II two-seater plane first collide with a tree and then smash to the ground on the 8th tee.

This immediately sparked Khurana into action, as he dropped his clubs and darted over to the scene of the crash to see if he could offer his medical assistance in any fashion.

Khurana explained that the first thing he saw was “a passenger in the rear seat slumped over in distress belted in.” Khurana went to get Ford out of his seat, but when he smelt the fuel that was quickly amassing around him, he immediately started to worry that the plane was on the brink of exploding. He even tried to get some other good samaritans to try and stop the fuel from igniting.

“We wanted to get him out safely and with the fuel leaking out, I monitored to some of the other folks at the golf course to put dirt on the fuel so it wouldn’t combust. I just wanted to get him out safely so that the situation wouldn’t erupt into a fire,” he declared.

Khurana managed to get Ford out of the plane and to a safe distance, which is when he recognised the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, and American Graffiti actor.

“He was a very familiar face,” he admitted.

Khurana was able to confirm a number of rumors about Ford’s condition in the immediate aftermath of the incident. He confirmed that he was bleeding heavily from a gash on his head, however, he also declared that the actor could both move and speak too before he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A statement from Harrison Ford’s representative confirmed that the actor is expected to make a full recovery, but they also admitted that the 72-year-old was “banged up” from the incident.

[Image via GQ]