Turn your Xbox Silver account into Gold for a month by playing Mass Effect 3 demo

This is an interesting way to accomplish two things: show people what they are missing by not having a Gold Xbox account and how good the next release of Mass Effect is going to be.

The way it works is this – the demo for Mass Effect 3 contains both the single player mode, which is available for Silver level members, and it also it contains the demo of the multiplayer side of the game but to be able to use it you need a Gold member account for Xbox.

So what they have done is made it so when you download the Mass Effect 3 demo to play Microsoft will temporarily upgrade your Silver account to a Gold level until the game releases in full retail glory on March 6th. The demo on the other hand is available as of Valentine’s Day.

Now because you have this temporary Gold account access on Xbox you will also be able to check out and use the premium apps like: Netflix, Hulu Plus, as well as access the Deal of the Week. So even if you aren’t a Mass Effect fan (why the hell not I would ask) this is a great way to give the Gold account a test run to see if it is worth paying for.

A win-win in either case I think.

via TechnoBuffalo