Rancic Embryo: Giuliana And Bill Crossing Fingers With Perhaps Last Shot At Expanding Their Family

Stacy Carey

There is one Bill and Giuliana Rancic embryo left, and the couple is hoping that they can soon add to their family with one more child. Giuliana and Bill already have a son, Duke, and they've been hoping for another child. Now, the E! host is said to be opening up about where things stand for the family.

According to Life & Style, Rancic's embryo that remains frozen may be what the couple considers their last shot at having another child. Fans of Bill and Giuliana know that the couple have spent years facing fertility struggles. As the Daily Mail notes, in 2011, the fertility issues even unearthed breast cancer for the E! host. They have worked through a miscarriage for Giuliana and even a miscarriage for their surrogate in 2014.

Despite all of the challenges in building their family, Giuliana and Bill are still hopeful that they can manage to give Duke a younger brother or sister. Duke himself was carried by a surrogate, and the couple has always spoken very highly of the woman who worked with them to carry that pregnancy.

These have been challenging days for Giuliana Rancic, who has endured some intense criticism for comments made regarding Zendaya on Fashion Police. Rancic also gets a lot of criticism about her weight, and there was a lot of buzz about her and Maria Menounos after Maria's Live From the Red Carpet appearance during the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards show.

Despite all of the drama of late, Giuliana seemingly indicates that she's taking everything in stride and focusing on family. She says that even if she and Bill can't have another child, she reminds herself that she is fortunate to have all that she has.

When Bill Rancic revealed the news of their surrogate's miscarriage, he told People that they aren't giving up on having another child and they're fighters. It seems that they were hoping that Delphine, their surrogate, would be up for trying the process one more time. It's been quite a few months now since that all transpired, and it seems Bill and Giuliana may be working toward one more attempt at the process.

Knowing that Rancic's embryo may be the couple's last chance to add to their family, the E! host indicates that they're just crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. For now, fans of Bill and Giuliana Rancic will have to stay tuned and see if the couple is able to add a sibling for Duke in the months to come.

[Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images]