Why Men Like Women With Big Curvy Butts: It’s Not About The Booty But The Spine, Says New Study

It’s no secret: Society seems fascinated and enamored with women who have curves on the bottom, “junk in the trunk,” and round curvy rear ends. So much so that stars like Amber Rose reportedly visited Padge-Victoria “Black Madam” Windslowe to get silicone shots to pump up her butt. Windslowe is now on trial for a death and other injuries that allegedly occurred at those illegal pumping parties, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Dangerous silicone shots aside, the Huffington Post points to a new study that explains why men prefer women with curvy butts, and it involves the science behind the fact that it’s not necessarily the behind that’s attracting the opposite sex, but the curve of the spine and what it means in terms of survival of the fittest. The basis for the science is due to a new scientific study, entitled “Lumbar curvature: a previously undiscovered standard of attractiveness,” by the Evolution & Human Behavior: Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society.

The study describes how women with 45-degree angles in their spines are deemed ideal for foraging food. In the original study, psychologists displayed a variety of female silhouettes to 300 mean — with all of the women in the images containing a differing angle or curve in her spine, and the 300 men were asked to select how hot they found the figures. As a result, most men in the study found the 45.5-degree having spines the most attractive on the women.

Therefore, the researchers discovered that instead of it actually being the muscular structure of the gluteus maximus or any buttock fat (or silicone implants) discerned atop or inside the butt that was a main factor of attractiveness to males — it was actually the curvature of the spine that attracts the male species. Even if they don’t realize it, men could be going gaga over spines more so than butts, although the scientists admitted that it could be a combination of the butt size and the lumbar curves that attracted men.

Future research is needed to determine more about spine curves versus butt size in order to pin down the issues, say scientists.

[Image via Daily Mail]