The Hunger Games: New Trailer Debuts, Offers More Capitol Footage [Video]

As one of this year’s most anticipated movies, The Hunger Games has decided to give fans another treat by releasing a new trailer, just 50 days before the full length film hits theaters across the country.

Set in a dystopian future where 12- to 18-year olds in the outlying districts are chosen at random and forced to battle to the death for the amusement of the capitol city of Panem, “The Hunger Games” introduces the bow-wielding hunter Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) to moviegoers.

“There’s 24 of us,” Katniss says in the trailer. “Only one comes out.”

The new trailer opens with Katniss giving her sister, Prim (Willow Shields) the mockingjay pin. While true fans of the book will quickly recognize this as a departure from author Suzanne Collins’ original story, it does, however, do a nice job of setting up the dramatic “Reaping” scene in which Katniss volunteers to take Prim’s place as a “tribute” in the Hunger Games.

The new trailer also provides a closer look at the infamous Capitol, more action shots of battle scenes from inside the arena and the tribute interviews with Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci).

Directed by Gary Ross, “The Hunger Games” opens on March 23. Other actors that will star in the movie include Liam Hemsworth, Amandla Stenberg, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson and ALexander Ludwig.

Check out the new Hunger Games trailer below and let us know what you think: