It’s ‘Peeback’ Time: Walls That Bounce Back Liquid Helped A German Town Dissuaded Public Urination [Video]

A German town has claimed huge success in dissuading the drunks from urinating on the walls. By coating its walls with a special paint, the town managed to extract revenge on the drunkards who treated the streets as an open-air bathroom.

St. Pauli district of Hamburg, Germany, managed to ensure people who had a little too much to drink would think twice before relieving themselves on the many walls that line the streets. With complete disregard to etiquette or hygiene, the impolite and intoxicated bar crawlers treating the walls as a quick-stop to urinate, was a growing nuisance. The two council tried all the techniques short of arresting these drunks, but to no avail, said one of the residents.

“We tried signs and warnings which were brightly painted to ensure even those with poor vision would be able to see them. We even tried to stand guard and fine the miscreants. However, none of the techniques worked. Drunken people continued to urinate blithely.”

The solution was in the form of a special coating that repelled any water that was sprayed on it. The super-hydrophobic paint isn’t cheap, but is one of the most innovative approaches to keep the walls dry. However, paint also proved helpful in bouncing the liquid (read urine) sprayed on it. Conventional paint merely allows the liquid to trickle down, offering an ideal scenario to urinate in public. However, the special paint doesn’t offer such luxury.

The Paint Doesn't Allow Water To Trickle Down, But Instead Repels It On To The Person

The town is confident that the water-repellent paint has drenched many a drunken men to ensure they do not urinate again in public for fearing the wall might just “pee back”. Interestingly, this is exactly what the signs read, warning the drunks about the special ability of the walls. Translated, the signs read,

“Do not pee here – we pee back.”

While the problem of people urinating on walls or in public is faced by almost all towns and villages, the relatively small district entertains more than 20,000,000 visitors per year. During peak festival time, one can imagine the influx of people who visit for the sole reason of getting drunk. The smell and the sights are enough to ruin anyone’s day. People getting pissed at the practice one thing, but pissing publicly is quite another and when it happens on a large scale, it becomes a big problem that has to be dealt with on a communal scale, chuckled another resident.

“Now you don’t see many people casually walking up to a wall and urinating. They are worried that the wall might pee on them instead!”

It seems the risk of getting peed on is far too great to take, even if it’s by a wall and its you who is supplying the liquid.

[Image Credit | Web Urbanist]