Prince Charles’ Feud, A Fading Empire, And Why The World Cares

Prince Charles has reportedly made recent claims that he is not permitted to spend enough time with the young Prince George. Why should the world care?

Just over two years ago, the world seemed to be on a perplexing standstill. A baby was born. Now obviously, a great score of babies are ushered into this world on a daily basis, but the baby that had the world of two years ago on standstill was special. Perhaps it could more accurately be stated that this baby’s family lineage was special. The specialty of this baby’s family is some what of an oddity however.

Prince George
Young Prince George with His Parents

Clearly the baby in reference here is George Alexander Louis of the House Windsor, and the family from which the babe draws his lineage is none other than the British Royal Family. For obvious reasons, to the Brits, the young prince and the family that surrounds him matter greatly. However, this young prince also seems to matter a great deal to non-Brits as well – in here lies the previously mentioned oddity.

In it’s prime, the British Empire governed almost 25 percent of the Earth’s surface. Fast forward to 2015, the British Empire is all but dissolved and yet for some reason the world – or at least the Western world – still finds itself enamored by the happenings of the British Royal Family.

The freshly brewed dispute about face time with the young prince really does not come across as all that news worthy if one were to apply the element of personal experience to the equation. Think about it, which family has not dealt with a grandparent expressing his or her desire to spend more time with a grandchild?

The Queen and Company
The British Royal Family

Despite the relative normality of this rather common family feud, the world insists on inflating the ordeal to front page-worthy material. But why? The governance of the British Empire is no more. So why does the formally British-ruled world care about its one-time overlords?

Perhaps it is the very fact that the Brits did rule much of the world that has in itself caused the continuation of Royal fascination. Arguably, not sense the ancient Romans, has an empire had as much of an impact in the world as the British Empire. The Brits effected the way the world governed itself, the way it conducted commerce, and even the way in which it talked. So now that the once global empire has all but faded into the history books, the world affixes its attention and perhaps even its subtle longing for the romance of yester-year, on the last true reminiscence of an era – the British Royal Family and their world famous feuds.

[Feature Image credit to The Royal Fans, Body Image 1 credit to Paris Match, Body Image 2 credit to Wikimedia Commons]