WWE News: Big Update On Rey Mysterio’s Departure From WWE — Did WWE Refuse To Pay For Any Surgeries Rey Needed?

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio may be headed to various promotions on quite a steep fee, but it is most likely for a reason. Mysterio is a legend to many, and he has done more for Lucha Libre than most others before him. Due to his ability in the ring, he became quite popular in his time with ECW, WCW, and finally WWE, where he spent over a decade. Mysterio won just about every title imaginable in WWE and is WWE Hall of Famer without the induction right now.

However, what led to Mysterio’s mysterious exit?

According to the Wrestling Observer, Mysterio agreed with WWE about a release dating back to around November. The deal was that he would be released in February as long as the deal they made was kept quiet. This might have been a way for WWE to continue selling Mysterio material while Rey got a bit of guaranteed money. So, the end result worked out for both.

What is also very sad in Rey’s situation was that back in early 2014, Triple H had a handshake agreement with Rey to release him soon, but WWE Chairman Vince McMahon decided against it and renewed Rey’s contract for another year. Due to the fact that WWE has a clause in their contract regarding missed time, WWE had enough built up with Rey being out for injuries to renew his deal without Rey’s permission for another year.

Since Rey didn’t show up much in 2014 really, WWE could have done this again potentially. That is why the two sides had to come to an agreement the way they did.

The original idea with Rey months ago was that he would come back around WWE Survivor Series and work a program up until WrestleMania 31 as a big send-off for him to end his WWE career. It is said that, at some point, those plans broke down. Now we sort of know why that could have been.

According to Dan Hales on the Voices of Wrestling Podcast, WWE outright refused to pay for anymore Mysterio surgeries that Rey richly needed or might need in the future. In other words, if Rey got hurt in the ring again, WWE wouldn’t want to pay for a surgery to get him back and it would be on Rey to get back on his own.

There were potential legal issues involved as well with Rey. Since Rey showed up for AAA while under a WWE contract and has been in talks with other promotions like Lucha Underground,WWE does have some right to bring this up in a court of law. The only reason WWE probably won’t is the fact that both sides have a lot of “dirty laundry,” which has kept both sides quiet the entire time and why we won’t see a random lawsuit come up. WWE has enough of those going on, anyway.

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