WWE News: The Undertaker To Appear On RAW?

Less than a month remains until Wrestlemania 31 and we have still not heard or seen from The Undertaker. The greatest performer in Wrestlemania history is due to wrestle Bray Wyatt but we’ve yet to receive confirmation. However, the WWE is teasing an appearance from the ‘Deadman’ on this Monday’s edition of RAW.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The WWE Universe knows the history of Undertaker’s urn and the significance that it holds to his eternal legacy. It’s also no secret that the sacred urn has some mystical connection with The Demon of Death Valley. Wyatt knows having the urn in his hands is sure to get under The Undertaker’s skin. So, will Wyatt’s SmackDown reveal compel The Deadman to finally rise from the ashes of his WrestleMania 30 defeat?

If the sight of the urn in Wyatt’s hands doesn’t bring The Undertaker back, maybe whatever the creepy Superstar has planned for this Monday night will. Wyatt professed that he will unleash the urn’s spirit on Raw, making us wonder what he could possibly have planned. Will we witness the “power” of the urn come to life? And, if so, will we finally see The Deadman in the flesh on Raw?

The premise of this article stems from Wyatt’s latest eerie backstage soliloquy in which he revealed his possession of Undertaker’s legendary urn. He warns us that he will “unleash the spirit” from within the urn.

The article doesn’t give a definite answer on Undertaker and his status for this upcoming Monday Night RAW, but a possible appearance makes sense. The original plans called for Wyatt to call out Undertaker until Wrestlemania itself, with an appearance from Undertaker not scheduled to take place until the last RAW before the big event, or Wrestlemania itself.

However, with the issues surrounding Brock Lesnar and WWE, the company may have to rush the return of The Undertaker to keep fans interested amid an otherwise lackluster Wrestlemania build. As it stands, the top three singles matches at the event are Triple H vs. Sting, Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.

All three matches contain wrestlers that are part-timers who have made scarce appearances leading up to Wrestlemania. Sting has made only two appearances on the Road to Wrestlemania, not counting his Survivor Series debut. Brock Lesnar is embroiled in a controversy with the corporation that could possibly end up with him no-showing altogether.

That leaves this match with Wyatt carrying the load as far as building the hype for the event. Therefore, if Undertaker returns early, it’ll give more fans incentive to tune in to watch the program, which has seen its ratings drop in recent weeks.

It feels like the WWE is overusing the “Special Attraction” motto and have shot themselves in the foot in the process. It’s hard to build animosity, a story, and an incentive for fans to watch when the competitors aren’t there. The attraction is seeing these superstars grace us with their presence, not constantly yearn for them to show up.

The Undertaker is a special example of a superstar that has earned the right to do as he pleases. He likely would have been on television by now to help jump start this feud. But it looks like it’s just another case of planning a Wrestlemania moment while not being sure what happens on RAW.

[Image via WWE]