Disc-Shaped UFO Appears Behind Live TV News Broadcast In Argentina [Video]

A YouTube video of a live news broadcast on Argentina’s Todo Noticias (TN) over the weekend shows a disc-shaped UFO flying across the sky behind the studio. Three news reporters who have their backs to a large window in the studio seemed totally oblivious of what was going on behind them as they commented on the day’s news.

Todo Noticias is a very popular Buenos Aires cable news channel.

Mysterious Universe reports that the news broadcast appeared to have been recorded on February 28. The video, with the disc-shaped UFO flying across the sky, among city skyscrapers, was first posted to the YouTube channel of a site called JMZ71 on March 1.

Mysterious Universe wonders how the news reporters failed to notice the large UFO flying behind them.

“How can newscasters who get paid to report the news not see the UFO flying behind them? What about the producers in the control booth and the millions of viewers of the cable news network”

Soon after the video was posted to YouTube, some viewers posted comments, saying that they saw the broadcast and the UFO flying past the window. Some also said they saw the UFO flying over Buenos Aires.

The claims appeared to authenticate the video. But skeptical analysts soon pointed out that only a few viewers on YouTube claimed to have seen the UFO during the broadcast. Even fewer said they saw the UFO flying over Buenos Aires, out of millions who saw the live broadcast and millions of other residents of Buenos Aires.

The observation raised the possibility, especially after Todo Noticias failed to acknowledge the UFO, that commenters might have been planted to give credibility to a hoax.

One of the first flaws that viewers on YouTube and several discussion forums noticed was that in slow motion one sees the UFO vanishing just before it goes behind a multi-storey building. Similarly, when it re-emerges on the side, it appears to jump into existence.

UFO Vanishing Just Before It Goes Behind Building

The Huffington Post’s Lee Speigel contacted a UFO expert Ben Hansen, former investigator for Syfy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, who said he believed the UFO was not part of the original news broadcast.

According to Hansen, UFO and alien hoaxes in the background of TV broadcast are fairly common in South America. He gave an instance.

“My team went to Santa Cruz, Argentina, in 2011 to confront a news cameraman who finally admitted to using animation software to fake an alien creature walking in the background of an interview. In that case, the news station employee was responsible for adding the hoax to the video segment which eventually aired on their news broadcast.”

Hansen told Speigel that if Todo officials actually saw the UFO while reviewing their video, they would have acknowledged it. But their silence about the matter shows that when they reviewed their broadcast video and saw nothing, they concluded it was a hoax and promptly forgot about the matter.

Hansen also pointed to the anomalous behavior of the UFO as it passed behind a tall building. He said that the manner in which the UFO disappeared before actually passing behind the tall building pointed to the sloppy composite editing of an animation hoax.

He pointed out other editing errors.

“If you pause the video right at the 33-second mark (see image below), you’ll see that the UFO is superimposed right on top of what appears to be guy-wires which anchor an antenna mast. The problem here is that the UFO has just finished passing behind the antenna. While not impossible to squeeze through, the space between the antenna and its guy-wires is presumably very narrow.”

UFO Superimposed On Top Of Guy-Wires

The latest “UFO sighting” in South America comes a month after media reports that a Peruvian television production crew filmed a disc-shaped purple UFO hovering over a construction site in an upscale district of Lima. The crew was filming a television show “Alto al Crimen,” when the show host, Peruvian congressman Renzo Regggiardo, stopped the shooting to allow the cameramen focus on the UFO.

No official explanation of the strange sighting has emerged.

[Images: YouTube; UFO Sightings Daily]