UFO Gave Me 'Heart Failure': U.S. Military To Pay Airman Involved In Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

Three decades after venturing into the Rendlesham Forest to investigate some strange lights that turned out to be a UFO, John Burroughs, a U.S. airman at the time, has finally won a legal battle to have the U.S. military pay for medical treatments resulting from his exposure to the UFO that he and fellow military man, Jim Penniston, stumbled upon.

Among the most notorious and difficult to explain UFO incidents in history, the John Burrough UFO case took place in Britain's Rendlesham Forest, also known as "Britain's Roswell," in December, 1980, reports the Mirror.

For his investigative efforts, Burroughs was reportedly exposed to a massive wave of radiation from the mysterious UFO lights that made him sick at the time, and ultimately in need of "lifesaving" heart surgery.

Now, after being "stonewalled" for over 30 years, and U.S. Senator John McCain stepping up to help Burroughs with his UFO-exposure legal battle, not only will Burroughs now receive "full medical disability" from the VA, but he is also able to enjoy the "U.S. government's de facto acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs," reports Open Minds.

The 1980 UFO incident involving John Burroughs and Jim Penniston unfolded while Burroughs was a policeman for the U.S. Air Force operating in Suffolk, England.

Lights in the forest inspired an investigation which involved Burroughs and a security team, the group identifying a brightening light in the forest that suddenly flew off as they approached.

The UFO lights showed up again the next night, so back Burroughs and the others went again, this time reportedly coming face to face with lights "flying around the forest," literally defining UFOs.

Among the group, Burroughs reportedly came within the closest proximity of the UFOs, exposing him to what is now believed to have been some major levels of UFO radiation, a fact likely confirmed by the area where Burroughs and the UFOs came face to face later testing very high for radiation.

For Burroughs, though, as told to the Mirror, his situation since hasn't been about confirming the existence of UFOs or aliens but his health.

"I was not looking for anyone to believe me. All I have been concerned about was getting care for my illness. That was all that mattered."
And now, with the help of some British Ministry of Defense documents dug up by Burroughs' legal team which confirm that high levels of radiation were in fact present when Burroughs and the UFOs met, U.S. military powers-that-be have pledged to pay for Burroughs to be treated.

"I'm still trying to work out what I saw," said Burroughs of his UFO experience. "I think this is a phenomenon the government is aware of, but are still trying to work out exactly what it is."

And with the acknowledgement that the medical issues of John Burroughs were caused by a UFO, or something other-worldly, it might be smart to think twice before investigating your own UFO.

[Images by Taras Young and file via Wikipedia]