Sara Kessler: Baby Found Dead Of Starvation, Mother Possibly Overdosed

Sara Kessler, a 22-year old woman, was found dead in her bed, and her 9-month-old baby was found dead on the living room floor in Millvale, Pennsylvania. According to the New York Daily News, law enforcement officials believe that Kessler, who was a known drug addict, may have overdosed in her bedroom. Baby Casey was most likely in bed with his mother but traveled to the living room area to look for food, where he died.

The bodies were found by Kessler’s brother, who had stopped by to check on his sister after he was unable to make contact with her. Police officers were dispatched to the 100-block of Butler Street, where they found the body of a young, white female in her bed and a white male infant in the living room. The bodies were identified as Sara Kessler and Casey Kessler. Foul play was not a factor in their deaths. The bodies were transported to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office, where an autopsy is being performed.

Authorities suspect that the poor baby may have scooted around the apartment to look for food. There was no food available for the child, though police did find three cats that survived because an auto feeder had been set in place, according to WPXI.

Neighbors are shocked and horrified by the events. So far, only one person has admitted to hearing the child’s cries but did nothing about it. Today, that neighbor lives with the agony of knowing that he didn’t investigate.

It is believed that Kessler died a week before her body was found and that her infant son survived three to five days after her death. A pending autopsy report is expected to confirm the times of death. Sara Kessler’s 54-year-old mother, Donna Knaus, died in November, 2014 in the same apartment.

Sources say that Kessler was a good mother who loved her child despite her ongoing battle with drug addiction. Her mother and family members had tried to get help for her. Now, as news about this tragic case is shared on social media, many are saddened to know that the infant suffered alone during his final days. Here are some of their heartfelt comments.

“I wish i hadn’t read this this morning.”

“If she OD’ed and the baby starved like its being reported, you can’t tell me no one heard that baby crying?”

“This poor baby starved to death, this didn’t happen overnight. That poor thing had to been crying for days and no calls were made. Smh. Such a sad story!”

“That poor baby didn’t die quietly. Neighbors would have heard screams for days, yet not their problem. Hope those cries haunt everyone that did nothing. For a child that age to starve to death, wonder how hungry baby was when mom was there?”

“What a horrible way to die. I can’t imagine how that poor child suffered. Breaks my heart. Rest in peace, little one.”

According to Business Insider, a human being can living up to 21 days or three weeks without food but only three to five days without water. Last month, the Inquisitr reported that a couple in Oregon had been arrested after their 7-month-old baby died of starvation.

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