Teacher’s Profanity-Laced Lecture Includes Reference To His Private Parts, Recorded By 12-Year-Old Student

A sixth grade teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after a video recording of a nearly seven-minute long profanity-laced lecture was captured by a 12-year-old student. Not only did the lecture contain numerous curse words, perhaps more shockingly, it also referenced the size of the teacher’s penis. Other students in the class have verified that this particular teacher is known for cursing and using profanities while speaking.

CBSDFW reports that a 12-year-old sixth grade student at Holmes Middle School in Dallas, Texas, recorded a disturbing lecture given by one of her teachers. The teacher’s speech included a number of profanities along with references to his larger-than-life genitalia. In the recording above, which was provided by the student’s mother Diana, you can hear some of the more disturbing portions of the recording.

“If you don’t give a f***, then I don’t give a f***. If you don’t give a f***, then I don’t give a f***,” I’m gonna tell you the truth, you f***ed it up.”

The barrage of f-bombs wasn’t even the worst part of the recording. The teacher goes on to tell the children in the classroom that he is going to show them what a d*** is. He even says he is going to d*** the student’s a** over.

“Some people’s d***, they only go that far. My d*** goes all the way to that fence. I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you what, I’m gonna show you what a d*** is. I’m gonna d*** your a** over.”

It seems that many students in the video found the profane lecture somewhat funny. Children can be heard laughing each time a profanity slipped from the lips of the teacher. However, Diana found nothing funny about the teacher’s speech. In fact, she doesn’t want to see that teacher in front of children ever again.

KFOR reports that Diana immediately took the recording to the Homes Middle School principal. However, she was incredibly dissatisfied with the response she received. Diana claims the principal simply told her to delete the recording. Diana said that isn’t happening and she will keep the recording as assurance that this teacher never gets the chance to speak to students like that again.

The teacher’s potty-mouth was confirmed by other students from the girl’s class. Another student claims the teacher frequently uses the b-word, a-word and sometimes calls people mother f****.

The school has since placed the teacher on paid administrative leave while they investigate the recording. What do you think should happen to the teacher responsible for the profanity-laced lecture?