Beyonce Worked With Beck’s Father: What Would Kanye West Say?

Kanye West certainly made Beyoncé look bad at the Grammys by almost interrupting the show when she didn’t win. If you don’t recall, Beck won Album of the Year with Morning Phase. Kanye West rushed to the stage and then turned back to avoid another situation like the one with Taylor Swift back in 2009. Still, a lot of people criticized him and claimed that unlike Beyoncé, Beck is a real songwriter and musician.


It may come as a shock to Kanye West that Beck’s father, David Campbell, worked with Beyoncé on the album B’Day back in 2006. According to the Huffington Post, Campbell is credited for the string arrangement and conducting on B’Day. According to Campbell’s MTV biography, he specifically contributed to fan-favorite “Listen.”

The Toronto Star perfectly summarizes Campbell’s significance.

“Toronto-born David Campbell may not be as publically renowned as his son, but as an arranger, orchestrator, conductor and sometimes session player, he’s appeared on some of the biggest albums of the past five decades.”

Besides Beyoncé, Campbell has worked on some of the biggest albums of the past 50 years: 21 (Adele), Red (Taylor Swift), Tapestry (Carole King), and FutureSex/LoveSounds (Justin Timberlake). He is also responsible for working on his son Beck’s recent Grammy-winning album. Beyoncé herself should have pointed this out to Kanye West in a public manner, but she is too busy dealing with other criticisms, particularly her recent Grammy performance.

Ledisi was the original performer of the song “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” from the movie Selma. However, it was alleged that Beyoncé tried to steal Ledisi’s spotlight by demanding to perform that song at this month’s Grammy Awards. The Huffington Post wasn’t happy about Beyoncé’s alleged move.

“Beyoncé wanted to sing it, and we did not breathlessly await her performance as much as we were left to grudgingly endure it. There’s a larger issue at play than just the swapping of one great singer for another less talented but more popular one. Ledisi, with a crown of enviable braids and beautiful dark skin, was passed over by an artist whose nose job, ten pounds of blonde hair, and suspiciously alabaster skin has no doubt aided in her ascent to the top.”

Beyoncé was also criticized for alleged “unretouched” photos that leaked from 2013. However, it has been suspected that the photos were actually Photoshopped to make Beyoncé look worse than she really did. As a PR move, Beyoncé should probably record a duet with both Beck and Kanye West.

[Photo Credit: Bloggles]