‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick Grimes’ Family Divided In Alexandria [Video]

The Walking Dead fans have seen Rick Grimes’ group endure a lot of hardships since the beginning of the AMC series, and it looks like the survivors have found the safe haven they’ve been searching for in Alexandria. However, their cozy new home might play a part in tearing them apart. Be forewarned that potential spoilers are ahead.

During the course of The Walking Dead’s five seasons, the survivors have learned that they have to stick together if they want a fighting chance to stay alive in their cruel new world. But what happens when they don’t have to depend on each other quite as much? Now that they’re surrounded by sturdy walls, they might start building more walls between each other.

TV Guide recently shared a short synopsis for this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, which is titled “Forget.” According to the episode summary, two members of Rick Grimes’ group will ultimately side against him after he decides to stage a takeover of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Rick obviously doesn’t feel safe surrounded by so many people who have become so weak, so he’ll ask a few members of his crew to help him take the first steps toward an Alexandria coup. That’s right — Rick is slowly morphing into the Governor, a man who was willing to take over communities to keep himself and those closest to him safe.

Rick will organize a “covert mission,” but things will go awry when one of his secret agents gets caught sneaking around. Fansided recently shared a teaser video that shows Daryl Dixon discovering that he’s being tailed by Aaron, so evidently Rick’s right-hand man fails to complete his mission. Instead, Rick will have to rely on Carol, who is currently deep undercover as a harmless little housewife who couldn’t hurt a fly. Rick’s plan probably entails getting his group’s stockpile of weapons back from the Alexandria residents.

According to TV Guide, these kinks in Rick’s plan and two changes of heart might make the survivors decide to give up on their coup.

“By the end of the episode, two people — including the one you would least expect — have warmed so much to the peaceful way of life that they might not go through with their original plan.”

So who will the two people be? Maybe Daryl Dixon and Aaron will actually bond while they’re out in the woods fighting zombies together. One of the Alexandria residents tries to befriend Sasha in the clip below, but the poor girl probably made a bad move by asking Sasha to bring her back a leg (because of what happened to Bob).

Maggie seemed pretty happy to have clean sheets in the last episode, and she was never shown getting suspicious or talking about potential problems. Perhaps she’ll be one of the members of Rick’s group who is gung-ho about letting things stay the way they are.

It might seem wrong for Rick to consider taking over the community, but the residents of Alexandria would be thankful to have a leader like Rick Grimes if they ever encountered Negan, The Walking Dead’s most notorious comic book villain. As the Inquisitr recently reported, Andrew Lincoln teased that the baseball-wielding baddie is “on the horizon,” and Norman Reedus should be shaking in his hipster shades.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Do you think Rick Grimes will give up on his plan to take over Alexandria, and do you think that some members of his group might leave the community if they can’t have things their way?

[Image credit: Gene Page/AMC]