Bizarre: Canadian planes intercept Russian bombers before Obama visit

Canadian fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers near Canadian air space last week, only hours prior to a visit from US President Barack Obama.

The Canadian F-18’s intercepted two Russian TU-95 Bear bomber aircraft 118 miles (190 kms) northeast of Tuktoyuktuk.

The Russian aircraft were over international waters, and did not enter Canadian airspace, although Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn’t very happy none the less

“I have expressed at various times the deep concern our government has with increasingly aggressive Russian actions around the globe and Russian intrusions into our airspace,” Harper said at a news conference. “This government has responded every time the Russians have done that,” he said. “We will continue to respond, we will defend our airspace.”

The Russians claim that the flights were on a routine patrol mission and were doing nothing wrong.

Still, flying planes towards Canadian airspace on the day the US President was visiting couldn’t possibly be a coincidence. Are the Russians trying to send a message, and if so, what?