Cancelled TV Shows 2015: 21 TV Shows Predicted To Be Seen On Official List

As May gets closer to networks releasing their official renewed and cancelled TV shows 2015 list, the predictions narrow down. On March 3 TV By The Numbers unveiled their latest rankings on which shows are set to be axed.

For ABC's part, Agent Carter, Cristela, Forever, Galavant, Resurrection, and Revenge are predicted to see cancellations. Looking ahead to CBS, Battle Creek, CSI, and Stalker are in the running to be on the chopping block. It's predicted that NBC will cut About a Boy, Allegiance, Bad Judge, Marry Me, and State of Affairs.

When it comes to Fox, Backstrom is predicted to be a cancelled as well as Hart of Dixie on CW.

Cinema Blend analyzed reasons behind the 10 most likely TV shows to be cut from the networks.

For NBC, State of Affairs is likely to be cut when the cancelled TV shows for 2015 list comes out in May. The show has more DVR viewers than live ones. Critical acclaim has eased up and the network won't want to pour more money into a season 2.

ABC's Galavant isn't likely to be renewed. The reason seems to be that the double-episode nights aren't helping the ratings.

Haven, which airs on Syfy, shows signs of being cancelled because of being a "split season." This usually signifies a show on its way out, CB writes.

Beauty and the Beast didn't see great ratings the first two seasons on CW -- and a third season didn't air in 2014 as first mentioned. Now well into 2015, it's not expected to survive.

CBS' Extant with Halle Berry is changing a lot of the plot with main cast members going a different direction. There isn't a "clear endgame," according to Cinema Blend.

Constantine on NBC filmed the first 13 episodes, but it's unknown if more episodes are on the horizon. The show isn't suffering from poor ratings, but they could be a lot better. If there was a lead-in from Grimm or an internet campaign to promote the show, it might avoid the cancelled TV shows list for 2015.

About a Boy has already been pulled from NBC's March schedule. Its ratings weren't the best when the network surprisingly renewed the series for season 2.

Stalker has steadily been losing a devoted viewing audience. Don't be shocked if this is cancelled by CBS.

NBC may very well axe Mysteries of Laura due to a ratings decline ever since it returned from the winter hiatus. Prior to that, the show was known to be just not be that good, according to CB. According to TV By The Numbers, the show is a "toss up" for renewal or cancellation.

ABC's Agent Carter doesn't bring in an impressive audience and isn't predicted to be renewed for the 2015 season. Of all the TV shows fans will miss most, a poll on Cinema Blend shows that this show would be number one, followed by State of Affairs then Stalker.

How many of the programs will be on the list for cancelled TV shows for 2015?

[Image via official Agent Carter Twitter]