WWE News: Chances Of ‘Smart Fan’ Reactions For Roman Reigns And Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are set to do battle at WrestleMania 31 in Levi’s Stadium. The crowd in Santa Clara, California, will be on their feet for the WWE World Heavyweight championship match that is gaining more fans and traction over the last few weeks. Brock Lesnar is set to appear on Monday Night RAW next week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which will hype the match even more.

Despite the ongoing situation with Brock Lesnar and the contract dispute, Paul Heyman assured the WWE RAW crowd that Lesnar will be at WrestleMania at month’s end. The real conversation isn’t if Lesnar will be there, but who will come out of the match being the babyface and monster heel?

According to Wrestling Inc, there’s speculation that Roman Reigns will not come out as a heel to the “smart mark” fans at WrestleMania.

“There’s a feeling among some that Roman Reigns may end up being the big babyface at WrestleMania 31 for his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against Brock Lesnar. The reactions for Reigns since the Royal Rumble have gotten better but that could change with the mostly ‘smart crowd’ made up of internet fans at WrestleMania.

We’ve noted how WrestleMania 31 could be Lesnar’s last match if chooses to return to UFC. With the WrestleMania crowd made up of many “smart” fans, they will be aware that Lesnar is on his way out and this could cause them to cheer Reigns.”

On that last note, is this WWE’s internal plan for Reigns at WrestleMania? If so, that would be one of genius and long-term planning. However, there is one snag in that plan, if that is what WWE is trying to execute. WWE is confident that Brock Lesnar will be re-signing with the company after WrestleMania. If he does, the consider Reigns as the babyface a total farce.

In an earlier report on the Inquisitr, WWE was slightly concerned that Brock Lesnar would no-show WrestleMania. With that out of the realm of possibility, count Lesnar in for WrestleMania. Is it possible for Roman Reigns to leave as the babyface? Of course it’s possible. His reactions are getting better by the week, because WWE isn’t having him cut corny promos and pretending like he’s on the set for Looney Tunes.

Overall, the “smart mark” fans could sway the WrestleMania main event one way or another. Hopefully, they calmly sit back and enjoy WWE’s WrestleMania. If there was ever a time to not be critical, it’s WrestleMania.

[Image via cagesideseats.com]