Michelle Williams Reaches Out To Kristen Bell For Protecting Daughter Matilda

Michelle Williams has been one of our most celebrated actresses for years now, and throughout all of that, she's been a single mother to daughter Matilda Ledger. Matilda's father, Heath Ledger, passed away suddenly in 2008.

Since then, Williams has had to juggle acting with parenting. On top of that, Williams has had to worry about the paparazzi encroaching on their lives on a daily basis. In an interview with Elle U.K., Williams candidly opened up about how her life with the paparazzi has changed thanks to Kristen Bell.

Earlier in the year, Bell put together a No Kids Policy. The policy was a call to action for publications to stop printing photographs of children. Outlets like Entertainment Weekly, BuzzFeed, and People Magazine no longer publish photos of celebrities' children, Matilda Ledger included. Due to this, the monetary value of pictures of children is diminished, which means the paparazzi has no reason to follow celebrities and their families.

Williams explained just how big of a difference this policy made in her life. "Men and women in suits were cashing cheques off of my daughter's face. There are so many problems with that, but Kristen has made it so much easier for these kids to live in a world that is friendly and that they can trust."

She continued, "Every month, I send her a gushy 'You don't know what you've done' note. Now my daughter and other kids aren't scared to walk down the street anymore. It's like a miracle."

After boycotting publications and sites that published photos of celebrity children, Bell said that there's a huge difference already, even though it hasn't been that long since the policy has been in effect.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Bell said, "I've heard from a couple different people who certainly get stalked much more significantly than we do that it's quite literally changed their day to day lives with their kids."

She continued, "I'm a firm believer that all we have is our collective consciousness. Moms especially, but parents and informed consumers just decided it was a line that shouldn't be crossed. We've started to see the results and I'm very grateful for it. I think it makes for a more positive media monster."

As for Michelle Williams, she's enjoying life with her daughter after taking a long break, after she wrapped her Broadway debut in Cabaret. "I feel like I'm so good at raising a kid when I'm not working. I don't forget anything. I've got everything covered. It's a real luxury to have a moment when I'm not scrambling."

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]